Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feet Like Feathers

Do you people realize that it is not summer yet. I hate the month of March because I so want it to be spring and it's so not even close. The next 10 days on have the temps in the 30's & 40's. It's just so annoying as winter closes out because it can never quite do it in a timely maner.

Jason and I are now taking trains/walking to work so we tend to notice weather more than if we are just driving. As the temperatures rise we will start to rid our bikes downtown to the train station instead taking the subway which ends up being much faster or at least much more consistent because it always takes about 30 minutes to get down there. We are also considering trying to move downtown but coordinating a sublet on our place and finding a place we can afford in a month might be tough....but perhaps it could be done.

In about a month we will start detector shifts here at the lab. Better known as Data AQuisition (DAQ) shifts and I am going to have put on a happy face for 4 months to get through them. The schedule for these shifts is one week on (all 7 days of the weekends off) two weeks off. There are then three types of shifts Day, Nite and Owl. So your first week is 8am - 4pm, then two weeks off, then a week of 4pm-midnight, two weeks off, then one week of midnight-8am. Then repeat that set of three one more time. It ends up being 4 months total. So ok ok, maybe not so bad but there are two of us on these shifts and unfortunatly we have it set up as I'm on for a week, then jason for a week then a week off. In short (maybe I should have just started with this) we will be here 14 days every 21 days. So scheduling life and runs and commuting is going to be a nightmare...but I already have a matrix working that should work as good as it can with the scheudule the way it is.

The question is, do we try and train for a fall marathon? Still working on that one. We will totally keep running, but I don't know if we can keep on with the disipline of a marathon training program. I am guessing we'll try it for the first few weeks and see how it goes.

Ramble a litte more shall I? No? Ok then, onto last nights run. We had a 3.5 easy run and it went great! I was worried since we had been out of the house for about 12 hours, but it ended up going really well. I had no pain on my legs, my breathing was awesome and it was a run where it was a shame it had to end. Ok this might sound really really stupid but I think that if I wear thinner socks my legs hurt less. I wonder if thicker socks are forcing my feet some how in my shoes and hence causing me to run a bit stiffer? I don't know just an observation of the last few weeks.

Tonight is another session of speedy quarter miles. I had always heard that in Chicago there are 8 blocks to a mile. I measured two blocks using and sure enough 2 blocks is .26 miles. So we will just run loops around our apartment. Run two blocks, walk one-two blocks, run two and so on. We have 6 repeats so we'll see how this works out.


Danny said...

Have you tried Gmaps?

(And to answer your question on my blog - since it didn't come with an email address - I'm a general surgeon. I have extra training in minimally invasive surgery, but do most things inside the abdomen.)

LeahC said...

Yes I have tried gmaps also. It used to be that you couldn't save your routes in gmaps. In favorite run you can save your runs and then use it log a run. I love this feature becaude we run in the city and so lots of times we'll run and have some wacky route to get around stop lights. So lots of times I'm like wait how did I run that 5 miles? And I can just look it up on there and see how I did on it last time I ran it and what zig zags I took.

I am very impressed with doctors which was my interest in what you do exactly. I think if I could go back 10 years or so I would have thought more about going to med school. I just think it's so interesting.

Scott said...

I do things inside of MY abdomen! I store food there...temporarily!

Hey Leah...glad your legs aren't hurting. You may never figure out exactly what the combination of things is that makes them hurt so enjoy those great runs!


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