Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Running Report

(from the guy who's not running)

I've taken another day off since my leg is still hurting. It is starting to feel better, but
since it wouldn't support my weight very well going down the stairs, I figured it would be better not to push it. Tomorrow I'll probably try and do a walk/run if it is feeling reasonably okay. I've been using Icy/Hot on it and icing and that seems to be helping.

Leah's in DC right now persuading Congress that science is the new hotness. From what she's told me, it sounds like things are going quite well. Hopefully she'll get to bring home some of that science money she's trying to convince the govenment types to hand over.

Apparently she also went on a run up Pennsylvania Avenue and into the Mall area and had a great time. Nice work keeping up with the runs, especially after a day walking around in heels! She ran for an hour because it was so great she didn't want to stop. Nice work, Leah. Hopefully she'll fill in some details when she gets back.

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