Friday, March 24, 2006

Early Start

Whoa another day up at 4am. Jason and I live about 45 min - 1hour away from Fermi Lab. The traffic in Chicago can be very nightmarish and so to deal with rush hour traffic we have a solution in which we leave Chicago by 5 am, then there is zero traffic and then go home around 3 when at least the trafffic isn't so bad. Of course the other way to do it is to leave late on both ends, but then I have to be here at the Lab late and no one likes that. I do tend to favor the later schedule or working at home after $1 beer night but today, I have my FIRST EVER practice detector shift and so I have to be here from 8am -4pm. So I decided to get here early and try and get some work done before I go on shift. We'll take the train home tonight as the traffic on Friday nights never gets better.

Yesterday we went an easy three and to our surprise (and delight) the Waveland Ave. underpass to the running path is reopened! It's real fancy inside the tunnel now with tiles and lights and all kinds of good stuff. This is just really good news for things like pace runs or tempo runs because it sucks getting stuck at lights when you are trying to be speedy.

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow is 4 mile pace run and Sunday is 9 miles. Buidling up that distance again, which is always fun.


Bob said...

Leah and Jason, I just checked the RBF Bracket.....not pretty. :)

LeahC said...

dude tell me about it! but actually jason totally screwed up and never finished filling his bracket it...i am too big a fan of the big 10 and lose every year. but actually i just pick the wrong upsetss

Susan said...

Chicago traffic is the worst. Have fun building up your distance.

LeahC said...

yes it's horrible! AND to make matters worse they are going to have "drastic lane closures on the dan ryan" which is one of the main highways going into downtown. I heard that it's going to be completly closed and all the cars are going to have to be rerouted around that...i think i'll try and stick to the train this summer!