Thursday, March 30, 2006

Five Days and Counting

After our 3 mile run, it was time to commute back out the Batavia. Leah is currently doing another practice run of those detector shifts that we've mentioned a few times (you know, the ones that are going to screw with our schedule until we go insane) and so we didn't have leave for work until one.

Heading past the ballpark, it started to become very clear that Spring was about, spring. Or be sprung, depending on who you ask. Either way, it is starting to get very baseball-y around Wrigley. The beer trucks have descended upon our neighborhood, filling the bars with frothy goodness in anticipation of the official bar season. The construction on Wrigley is nearly finished and it is starting to look like a ballpark again. All this leads me to the inevitable conclusion that winter is finally gone. You can't see, but I'm going a celebratory fist-pump.

And then we got downtown...

Holy Cheese, there were a lot of people out! And here's the thing, I know this can't be right. I mean, we were there at around 2 or so, so the mighty throngs of people on the street didn't even include all the people humping crappy 9-5 jobs. There just can't be this many people in Chicago. I mean, I've been downtown in the winter. There are about 7 people in the entire city.

My theory: there is an entire underground society that only comes out when Major Daley orders them to. He doesn't care about Chicago in the winter (because, come on, Chicago winters suck), but in the summer he wants Chicago to look its best and busiest. That's when he calls upon these people, like seat fillers at the Academy Awards (I, of course, am George Clooney in this scenario).

It's the only explanation.

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Susan said...

That's a good theory - enjoy your beer! Hee.