Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

Well alright. First of all I have to thank my cousin Sarah for finding out about the Wheaton College track. It's a beautiful full track that I guess is just open for the public. I have not been on a track since I graduated high school and it was way fun to be back and I was telling Jason what all the marks on the lanes meant and so on. He had actually NEVER been on a track before....isn't that crazy. His high school didn't have a track team and so they did all their running around a soccer field.

Onto the 1/4 mile workout. We did a 3 lap warm up and talked about how fast these 1/4 miles should be. Since we had a problem last time in that we ran these way too fast for a 1:50 pace I said well let's try for 1:45 as I thought that it wouldn't seem like such a jump from where we were before. The problem again is that I go 1/4 mile? Run!

There was another guy at the track running on the inside lane so to give everyone space we decided to run in lanes 3 & 4. So I am a big nerd and we started staggered just as you would for a 1/4 mile race, which was pretty fun actually. So where's the part where I don't know what I'm doing? Here were our splits:
  1. 1:25.54 (ok need to slow down)
  2. 1:31.21 (slow down lots more!)
  3. 1:29.98 (grumble grumble)
  4. 1:30.61 (alright then, forget it)
  5. 1:31.78 (here i checked if our first 200 was much faster than the second....nope exactly the same)
  6. 1:29.24
  7. 1:21.92 (ooooh 10 more seconds and I would be close to a 70 second 1/4...I would like to go all out for one and see how fast I could run it!)
So my question to you readers is the following. I could not run a 5 K at 6 minute miles which is what these splits amount to. However, I was still able to run fast at the last split which shows that I can obviously run these times. Is this counter productive to my training? Am I not getting the workout that I should be? Thanks for any input!


Bob said...

Mine is not an expert opinion but I did recently read that the key is not burning yourself out on your first few intervals. Leave some in the tank and keep them all the same. Seems like that is what you are doing. (Unlike myself, when on my third uphill climb last night had legs of flesh colored jello).
From the little I understand the "sprints" when doing 200's should be done all out the 400's you back off just a little and so on for longer intervals. I have read about people that try to increase thier recovery jog pace as they get better at these.
And if you want to Marathon, Marathon, it would be fun to have you two in Chicago.

Bob said...

Visit this site, lots of good information on pacing.

LeahC said...

Thanks for the info Bob. I'll check that website out. By the way, I cannot comment on your blog, it is saying that comments are restsricted to team members or something...don't know if it's on my end but I just thought I'd let you know.

Bob said...

Hmmm I will check that out. Thanks for the heads up.

Scott said...

What the data is telling you is that you are still really a quarter miler and you need to start training for the 08 olympics!


LeahC said...

Yes I plan on getting right on that! Only another 30 seconds to go and I'm there!

John Rankin said...

I have done speedwork at longer intervals (1/2 mile repeats) in getting ready for marathons. I have done 200 meter repeats when prepping for short distances like 5K.

On my blog I made menion a few times about the "Yasso 800" method (not sure if it rises to the level of a real method). Anecdotally it has proved to be correct for me - I used it and improved times and ran stronger.