Friday, March 19, 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tilt shift dagny

Tilt shift dagny, originally uploaded by LeahC.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Goodbye Blogger. Hello Wordpress.

Well this was inevitable. was available and I thought it might be fun to host my own site. And so I did. So far so good with the wordpress although I don't know how I feel about the template. I mean I think it looks good, but I don't like the back end of it. It's a place to get started though and start testing some bigger ideas I have for jasonleahrun.

So go there. Change your RSS feeds to Look I even linked it for you so you can add it easily.

Contact us at if you come across any problems or whatevers. Hope to see you there. In fact go there and leave a comment and say hi so we don't feel so lonely out of blogger-ville.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Put Our Coats On

Well I think that picture says it all. We live here, we all hate February, but in the end we put our coats on and deal with it.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that compares to that first warm day. It's usually followed by a snow storm or sub zero temperatures but we all cherish that day. A few years ago there was a random 50 degree day smack dab in the middle of February. Jason and I went on a long walk along the lake front path as did the rest of Chicago. People were our running in shorts and no shirts and the lake front was jammed with people. The edges of the path were still covered in snow and the weather for the following week was gloomy, cold and horrible. But for that one day we had a glimpse of summer. And it makes the winter worth it.

Yesterday I bundled Lucy up good and tight and she resembled snowsuit Randy from A Christmas Story but we had fun. We went to visit Obtiva for a few minutes and then met Jason for coffee and cupcakes at Starbucks. Lucy was a traveling champ as always. A few times she almost woke up and she would get real excited, but I think it was more, "What the hell are you doing mom, don't you know it's cold out here?" and then she would go back to sleep.

In other news, I'm starting another photo project. My current one is just to post a picture every day on my photoblog. But I don't care when I take those pictures and there could be several from the same day. So I get away with going to take a bunch of pictures and then setting my camera down for a few weeks since I have so many in the bag. Ok well the camera is not really set down as it's in Lucy's face, but as far as taking pictures of things other than the baby. So I'm starting a 365 project where a new picture has to be taken every day. I hope to learn a lot and force myself to see photos where I usually wouldn't. So today is day 2. Let's see how long I make it. I'll be putting the pictures up in this smugmug gallery and also over at flickr.  I suppose I could also do a Lucy 365 project too and take a picture of her every day.....I just about do that anyways....three photo projects at once? What the WHAT? Alright, fine that is started too, with photos being housed here. With all the photo work I've been doing, that new 27" iMac is calling to me. Why can't I be rich and just go out and buy it. But alas I am not and so that'll have to wait.

Should be a lazyish day today as not much going on. My Dad is coming over to get some stuff sometime this morning and then just reading and playing with Lucy. Perhaps a walk to starbucks this afternoon. Thinking if I take my small 50mm lens I could take my camera and the baby and it wouldn't be too much to carry...can I take pictures with a baby strapped to me though? Something to test I think.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Chicago How I Hate Your Winterness

Every year. Every single year at this time Jason and I start the, "Why do we live here? You know how nice it is in California? What if we got jobs there? Maybe we should look for some."

I HATE THIS TOWN IN LATE JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH IS JUST A FUCKING JOKE. Like oh it's March, spring is coming. Yeah right.

Yesterday I was thinking Lucy and I could go somewhere, but as it's horrible outside where would we go....we could go walk to Starbucks and sit inside. We could walk to anywhere and then sit inside because it's cold out and so you can't actually be outside. So why walk somewhere when I can sit inside my apartment where it's free.

Well, I'll tell you why. Because if you don't go walk somewhere and sit inside there you go FUCKING  CRAZY SITTING IN YOUR APARTMENT.

Oooooooooh hate.

When Jason got home I gave him the baby and put on my running clothes and went out for a quick run. The song Minority by Green Day came on and I started running really fast, and now I used to be a fast runner, but when I caught a glimpse of myself in a window reflection I looked ridiculous, like I have never run before and was just running because I was late for something. Like my arms and legs weren't really connected to my body.

So I ran a mile and walked a mile home. It felt to get out there, in the running and just leaving the apartment sense. I'm noting that I have a long way to go from 1 mile to the marathon so that's a tad daunting. And by tad I mean hugely.

When I got home Jason and I gave Lucy a bath which was *hilarious* as she was all splish splash I was taking a bath style. After that I fed her and put her down and she was out at about 8pm. Then she slept till 6. I'm so lucky having such a good sleeper and so soon too!

Today after her morning snooze that she's taking right now we are going to go downtown and visit Obtiva and then get some coffee with Jason. Then this afternoon my Dad is coming over to watch her so I can go to the gym. Which by the way will be my third time going. My big plan is to go Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Also I would like a trainer but I figure that I would like to be able to lift more than just one weight before getting that so I won't just be a piece of meat. So maybe in a month or so.

SO that should keep me busy until Jason gets home today. At the end of this week my Dad is speaking at the Strictly Sail show and we'll be there helping him with that.

With the weather being so gross I am also missing taking pictures outside. Although I can take 800 pictures of the baby on a daily basis, she's still not doing much. So I'm trying to think of photo projects to do indoors. Not really coming up with anything. Hopefully during the sailing show I can get some pictures of the show itself and then some of Navy Pier and downtown.

That is all...except for some pictures...and not just of the baby this time!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Go Do It, Trip to Bernies...and Pictures :)

So I just deleted this whole post I had written yesterday that was all about how are Jason and I going to run together and I had all these options, we could take the baby to my Dad's, we could run separately, both of which were kind of complicated. Then we realized that we could rig the running stroller pretty well to deal with the winter and the fact that Lucy is still only 6 weeks old so we could just go with her AND use our swanky awesome new running stroller. SO that's what we did.

I fed Lucy and right when Jason got home he got his running clothes on, we put the baby in the running stroller all bundled up and we carried it down the stairs and away we went. We stopped at my Dad's to show her off (and take a when was the last time I went running? Yeah.) and then we continued onto the path for a bit and then back home.

It was *great*. I love running with Jason and so I was just really excited to make it happen with the baby. There is a lot of talk of, "You can't do anything you did before" when you are pregnant and I am determined to not let that completely happen. I mean obviously things are going to change, and be different and hell yes it's more complicated doing the things we did before now that we have the baby, but you just do them. Take the baby with and head out the door. And the running stroller equals pure awesome.

That being said, I think we need a better solution for the cold for the baby and I was worried that with all the ice on the path and the streets that it was a little too bumpy for we have to do some more experimenting and testing. And yes we are still going to do runs without the baby, but I can't wait till she is a bit older and it's warmer out so it will actually be a fun ride for her.

After we got home we ate dinner and then fed the baby then gave her a bath, gave her a bit more foods and then the kid passed out. I think the run tired her out (Mom too!!). Her bath was a little exciting yesterday because for the first time she crapped in the tub. And so we took her out, cleaned the tub, put more water and soap in there and literally we put her in and then she really we repeated and finished up quickly.

Yesterday in the afternoon I called my Dad to save me from some ansyness and we took Lucy on her first trip to Bernies (a bar across the street from Wrigley Field). My Dad's friend was bartending so it was fun to show the baby off and we think that she liked Billy Williams' jersey the best. Yes...we are winners taking the baby to a bar at 6 weeks old.

She really gets smiling these days which is a lot of fun and we just make ridiculous faces at her trying to get her to smile more and more. That and I just about have my camera permanently attached to my face hoping to catch one of the big ones.

So as usual I'll leave you with some pictures. The first four are of Little Lu playing, "LOOK AT ME I CAN SIT UP!", followed by, "My Dad is so comfy", followed by, "Really...they took me to a bar? What's wrong with my Mom and Grandpa?". As always, lots of pictures at my smugmug page:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Look at the Change!!!

I know she's changing and growing, but it's not until looking at pictures that it's so visible! 

2 Days Old

1 Month Old


That last picture was taken during her favorite time of the day, bath time. We got her a new tub because it was getting difficult to hold her in the sink and we wanted her to be able to sit in the water for a bit longer. Turns out she loves her new tub and it was the bst 17 bucks that we have spent. She just sits in there and smiles and floats around. It's so much fun!

She's still doing really good and sleeping longer and longer at night. It seems that she can go 6-8 hours so it depends on when she falls asleep but either way I'm happy about it. Today she got up at 4:30 and we decided to just stay up. This is all part of my master plan to just get up at 4amish in general. We'll see how long I make it before nap time.

She had her one month appointment on Tuesday and she's doing great. Of course she's in the high percentiles for height, weight and head size but that is to be expected given where she started. She's up to 22.5" long (90th percentile) and 12lbs (95th percentile) and head size is up in the 90th percentile as well...but looking at my family that was coming. She gave the doctor a smile and held her head up for some tummy time. So she's doing great. She had to get a second HepB shot and that was hilarous. The nurse gave her the shot and it was totally a delayed reaction, like...wait...that hurts...that hurts ME. Her face got bright read and then the screaming started. But it was only about 15 seconds of screaming and then she was back to her normal self.

This week we have taken some adventures on the CTA. We took the bus to the doctors appointment and then on Wednesday we took the Red line down to Loopy yarns and then met up with Jason for lunch. The doctors appointment adventure went 100% smoothly, but the Red line trip got a little hairy at the end.  I pushed the feeding window a little too far and she started fussing and crying towards the end of the trip back, but it wasn't too bad and all was fine once we got home.

Today I have big plans to get my hair cut and highlighted because it's a *disaster*. When Lu looks at me, she smiles and while I think it's cute and I'll do whatever I can to keep her doing it, I kind of wonder if she's looking at my hair and thinking, wow that woman looks ridiculous. :)

I know you want pictures! Ok. Here's a few.

One of my favorite shirts for her. Thanks Scotty and Brandy. Rock.

The doctor says she thinks they'll stay blue


Monday, January 11, 2010

When to Wake (and Pictures!)

So Little Miss Lucille has two speeds. On and Off. Shockingly just like her mother. That and as soon as you put her in her car seat and or Pikkolo carrier she's out like a light. When my Dad and I used to take our summer Dad Daughter road trip vacations I would be all set with books and crafts and things to do in the car, and instantly I would be out. I would wake up and my Dad would inform me that I had missed a couple of states while I was sleeping.

So she's a good sleeper and as soon as she's out at night she's out, but right before she goes down it's LittleMissLetMeShowYouHowICanTalkReallyLoudly. She's been going down between 8 and 9 and sleeping all the way until 4ish. So yesterday I was planning on just staying awake after feeding her at 4 because I can get some stuff done in the mornings while she is sleeping. She gets a little crankier and more awake in the afternoons and so I can't do as much stuff.

So last night she woke up at 2:30 instead of 4 and so the plan was thrown off. However after finishing feeding her and putting her down it was about 3am and I was pretty awake. Not that I had a problem falling back asleep as I am the queen of sleeping, but I could have totally stayed awake. But that's a bit early and so we went back to sleep. The problem is that when I then woke up at 6 with the little one I was totally groggy and heavy headed. So I'm wondering why I'm pretty clear and awake at 3 but then stupid acting at 6.


We had a great morning this morning, she was up at 6 and I fed her and whatnot and she played on her Boppy activity mat for about an hour and a half before going down for her morning nap. I have still gotten a lot done this morning so not a big deal not getting up at 4, but going to try and make that happen. I always thought that it would be awesome if you didn't really have to sleep cause you could get so much more done, so maybe I can use the baby to train myself to cut down on my sleep. Of course the coffee and excedrin will have to increase :).

Gotta run some errands today and then tomorrow it's off to the doctors for Lucy's one month appointment.

For those of you that don't keep up with my smug mug account here are some of the latest of the Little One. 

Friday, January 08, 2010

One Month

Holy hell does time fly. Little Miss Lucille is one month old today. She's still doing great most of the time. About 20% of the time she's gotten really good at getting her crank on. She sleeps from about 9-4 so we can't complain about that. At 4 so goes back down until about 6:30 or 7.

This computer is currently making my head pulsate and so I'm posting this picture and that is all for today.

Happy 1 month birthday kiddo! You sure are a lot of fun!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Getting Out of the House! A Must!

Yesterday little Miss Lucille Jean was quite the crank. She woke up at about 4am and while I was changing her I noticed that she was shivering, then I noticed the glass of ice water I had been drinking at 12:30 still had ice in the glass.....then I looked at the thermastat and realized that the heat had gone out. It was just a pilot light and the landlord came by at about 8:00 and showed me how to light it. But between 4 and 8 I just had Lucy lay on my chest under many many blankets. I think the scheduling weirdness weirded her out and she was just cranky yesterday. She didn't take any long naps, and she was just whiney.

When Jason came home, I handed him the baby and went out for a walk. I have two weeks before I'm cleared to run again but I can start doing some quicker and longer walks so that's what I did. And it was awesome. I put on some headphones, cranked up the volume and just enjoyed being out and "working out" again. Plus when I came back to the still cranky baby I wasn't as frustrated or as tired even though I was still running on only a few hours of sleep. When Jason and I were in graduate school we never got that much sleep but we were always always working out and running. I think even though it makes you tired, for some reason it also gives you more energy. So I am looking forward to doing more of that to keep me from going crazy being indoors all day and pump up my energy level.

The running plan for the year is to run in the Shamrock Shuffle 8K, the Soldier Field 10 mile, the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and ending with the Chicago Marathon. My dad and I are going to train together for all of these and he's been doing a great job of running in this cold weather. I have all the cold weather gear that I need except for a pair of gloves which I plan on getting in the next few days. 2010 is all about getting the distance back and 2011 will be about speed. Just going to cruise and concentrate on becoming a long distance runner again and getting back into the shape I like to be in.

The little one is starting to wake up. My dad has given her the nickname of Lucy-fer when she's being the crank and the name is sticking. So Lucy, in the future when mom teases you and calls you Lucyfer, you just blame your grandpa.