Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Put Our Coats On

Well I think that picture says it all. We live here, we all hate February, but in the end we put our coats on and deal with it.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that compares to that first warm day. It's usually followed by a snow storm or sub zero temperatures but we all cherish that day. A few years ago there was a random 50 degree day smack dab in the middle of February. Jason and I went on a long walk along the lake front path as did the rest of Chicago. People were our running in shorts and no shirts and the lake front was jammed with people. The edges of the path were still covered in snow and the weather for the following week was gloomy, cold and horrible. But for that one day we had a glimpse of summer. And it makes the winter worth it.

Yesterday I bundled Lucy up good and tight and she resembled snowsuit Randy from A Christmas Story but we had fun. We went to visit Obtiva for a few minutes and then met Jason for coffee and cupcakes at Starbucks. Lucy was a traveling champ as always. A few times she almost woke up and she would get real excited, but I think it was more, "What the hell are you doing mom, don't you know it's cold out here?" and then she would go back to sleep.

In other news, I'm starting another photo project. My current one is just to post a picture every day on my photoblog. But I don't care when I take those pictures and there could be several from the same day. So I get away with going to take a bunch of pictures and then setting my camera down for a few weeks since I have so many in the bag. Ok well the camera is not really set down as it's in Lucy's face, but as far as taking pictures of things other than the baby. So I'm starting a 365 project where a new picture has to be taken every day. I hope to learn a lot and force myself to see photos where I usually wouldn't. So today is day 2. Let's see how long I make it. I'll be putting the pictures up in this smugmug gallery and also over at flickr.  I suppose I could also do a Lucy 365 project too and take a picture of her every day.....I just about do that anyways....three photo projects at once? What the WHAT? Alright, fine that is started too, with photos being housed here. With all the photo work I've been doing, that new 27" iMac is calling to me. Why can't I be rich and just go out and buy it. But alas I am not and so that'll have to wait.

Should be a lazyish day today as not much going on. My Dad is coming over to get some stuff sometime this morning and then just reading and playing with Lucy. Perhaps a walk to starbucks this afternoon. Thinking if I take my small 50mm lens I could take my camera and the baby and it wouldn't be too much to carry...can I take pictures with a baby strapped to me though? Something to test I think.


Megan said...

I'm doing the Project 365 over on Flickr, too, and I'm finding it hard not to just snap a picture of one of the cats every night w/ my iPhone.

How do you get inspired to find something new and different to shoot every day?

Firefly's Running said...

Sooo cute! I love the pics!

vibram said...

Love the picture..Sooo cute!Nice blog,keep it up..

defygames said...

very intersting post.