Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Go Do It, Trip to Bernies...and Pictures :)

So I just deleted this whole post I had written yesterday that was all about how are Jason and I going to run together and I had all these options, we could take the baby to my Dad's, we could run separately, both of which were kind of complicated. Then we realized that we could rig the running stroller pretty well to deal with the winter and the fact that Lucy is still only 6 weeks old so we could just go with her AND use our swanky awesome new running stroller. SO that's what we did.

I fed Lucy and right when Jason got home he got his running clothes on, we put the baby in the running stroller all bundled up and we carried it down the stairs and away we went. We stopped at my Dad's to show her off (and take a when was the last time I went running? Yeah.) and then we continued onto the path for a bit and then back home.

It was *great*. I love running with Jason and so I was just really excited to make it happen with the baby. There is a lot of talk of, "You can't do anything you did before" when you are pregnant and I am determined to not let that completely happen. I mean obviously things are going to change, and be different and hell yes it's more complicated doing the things we did before now that we have the baby, but you just do them. Take the baby with and head out the door. And the running stroller equals pure awesome.

That being said, I think we need a better solution for the cold for the baby and I was worried that with all the ice on the path and the streets that it was a little too bumpy for we have to do some more experimenting and testing. And yes we are still going to do runs without the baby, but I can't wait till she is a bit older and it's warmer out so it will actually be a fun ride for her.

After we got home we ate dinner and then fed the baby then gave her a bath, gave her a bit more foods and then the kid passed out. I think the run tired her out (Mom too!!). Her bath was a little exciting yesterday because for the first time she crapped in the tub. And so we took her out, cleaned the tub, put more water and soap in there and literally we put her in and then she really we repeated and finished up quickly.

Yesterday in the afternoon I called my Dad to save me from some ansyness and we took Lucy on her first trip to Bernies (a bar across the street from Wrigley Field). My Dad's friend was bartending so it was fun to show the baby off and we think that she liked Billy Williams' jersey the best. Yes...we are winners taking the baby to a bar at 6 weeks old.

She really gets smiling these days which is a lot of fun and we just make ridiculous faces at her trying to get her to smile more and more. That and I just about have my camera permanently attached to my face hoping to catch one of the big ones.

So as usual I'll leave you with some pictures. The first four are of Little Lu playing, "LOOK AT ME I CAN SIT UP!", followed by, "My Dad is so comfy", followed by, "Really...they took me to a bar? What's wrong with my Mom and Grandpa?". As always, lots of pictures at my smugmug page:


Firefly's Running said...

ROFL....oh I remember those bathtime moments. It sounds you took it all in stride. She's such a cutie!

Jake Scruggs said...

That Lucy sure is hella cute. How many bars does she free drinks in now?

Bridgette said...

great pics!

Rob Strickler said...

Boy, your dad even looks like a Physics prof.