Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Getting Out of the House! A Must!

Yesterday little Miss Lucille Jean was quite the crank. She woke up at about 4am and while I was changing her I noticed that she was shivering, then I noticed the glass of ice water I had been drinking at 12:30 still had ice in the glass.....then I looked at the thermastat and realized that the heat had gone out. It was just a pilot light and the landlord came by at about 8:00 and showed me how to light it. But between 4 and 8 I just had Lucy lay on my chest under many many blankets. I think the scheduling weirdness weirded her out and she was just cranky yesterday. She didn't take any long naps, and she was just whiney.

When Jason came home, I handed him the baby and went out for a walk. I have two weeks before I'm cleared to run again but I can start doing some quicker and longer walks so that's what I did. And it was awesome. I put on some headphones, cranked up the volume and just enjoyed being out and "working out" again. Plus when I came back to the still cranky baby I wasn't as frustrated or as tired even though I was still running on only a few hours of sleep. When Jason and I were in graduate school we never got that much sleep but we were always always working out and running. I think even though it makes you tired, for some reason it also gives you more energy. So I am looking forward to doing more of that to keep me from going crazy being indoors all day and pump up my energy level.

The running plan for the year is to run in the Shamrock Shuffle 8K, the Soldier Field 10 mile, the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and ending with the Chicago Marathon. My dad and I are going to train together for all of these and he's been doing a great job of running in this cold weather. I have all the cold weather gear that I need except for a pair of gloves which I plan on getting in the next few days. 2010 is all about getting the distance back and 2011 will be about speed. Just going to cruise and concentrate on becoming a long distance runner again and getting back into the shape I like to be in.

The little one is starting to wake up. My dad has given her the nickname of Lucy-fer when she's being the crank and the name is sticking. So Lucy, in the future when mom teases you and calls you Lucyfer, you just blame your grandpa.

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Firefly's Running said...

I feel for you with the lack of sleep. Do sleep when she's napping while you can. Every little bit does help.

Nice running schedule!