Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well It Happened

Today I turn 30. I decided to take the day off of work, and thus in effect I'm calling in 30.

So I guess this is one of those years where it's a turning point right? The big ones 16, 21, 25, 30 then maybe just every 10 after that....who knows. When I look at my life and where I am in it and I ask, "Is where I envisioned myself at this age" (Oh who am I kidding, I never thought I would turn 30, that's like old people town. Kidding. Kind of.) I have to answer yes.

I have a great husband and honestly I never thought I could find someone I could love that much. Lucky me that boy is also my best friend and partner in crime. We live in a great apartment, an apartment that I always dreamed we would live in (especially after the last shithole where the little Dagny cat would find some little furry friends to play with). We are expecting our first child in the next few months...hopefully she'll keep on schedule and not greet us early.

We decided to wait on kids and I think we were so smart on that. Jason and I had such a good time in our 20s, we traveled, maybe became too regular at Sheffields or Murphy's or Fill_in_the_blank, we studied our asses off and got our PhDs in physics, we ran marathons, we traveled (oh I said that already...but it's an important one). Most importantly we learned more about each other. We had a life with each other and it didn't revolve around what the kids wanted or needed and now we know what WE need and what WE want. Just because you have kids doesn't mean that you have to give up that, give up yourself or your desires or your relationship as you know it. There is this fear that when you have kids everything has to change. AND yes, things change...BUT, they can just morph into a new similar shape, and not become a life that you don't recognize. We recognize that we always have to keep that in the forefront our minds to keep ourselves happy which in effect will keep our kids happy.

And so today, well tonight at 7:47pm (30 years ago my mom was in *a lot* of pain and not progressing in her labor) I'll say goodbye to my 20s and know that I wouldn't have changed one damn thing. Ok...maybe I wouldn't have rented that apartment in the Ukrainian village, but I guess it'll always be a story that we can laugh about. And I expect the 30s to hold many of the same things as the 20s did as we don't plan on deleting who we are (of course!). But we'll be able to do those things with a little bit more money, and little more security and well...hell, it's going to be a great decade.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally! A Weekend With Nothing (Much)

This weekend was the first time in a loooong time that we didn't have anywhere to go (for the most part), our apartment was back in our own hands as my Dad and Stepmom moved into their place on Saturday morning and Jason and I could just *be*.

It. Was. Great.

On Saturday we took the Great Expectations class at the hospital where were learned about the birthing process, what to do after the baby and got the grand tour of the hospital. The class was pretty good. I gotta say, those women that do it naturally...doesn't look like a lot of fun. At. All. So yeah, maybe I'll be saying, "Yes, Please!" for the epidural. I'm not going in with any set plans, just an idea of what I think I'm going to want. The tour was awesome. All the rooms are private at Northwestern. And the Labor and Delivery room is awesome. I guess I didn't really know what to expect. But you labor and deliver in the same room (giant room with giant windows looking out over the city), so they have the baby station and everything so you never lose sight of the baby which is great. The post delivery rooms are smaller but still private and pretty nice. I'm so excited that the next time I'll be there I'll be delivering little Lucy.

Now. Let's talk about the the breathing exercises. So we are sitting on these birthing balls (and I would like to know if the birthing ball or the workout ball came first as they are the same thing) and we are going through some exercises on some breathing techniques that you can do when the labor starts. The partners sat behind the pregnant woman and squeezed their shoulders "simulating" a contraction...or at least how the pressure will build and build and then hold steady for awhile and then drop off....and then the woman are doing these breathing things. Now. It is a well known fact that I am a) a jackass and b) a giggler. So we go through one round of said breathing and I'm doing ok. Then the woman leading the class (who was great) said that there was no encouragement coming from the Dads and that they should say things like, "You're doing great" or "Almost done!" etc etc. Jason knows that I am not a fan of such cheerleading and that when he would that to me when we were running I would just about kill him. But he tries because he doesn't want to get in trouble with the nurse and I'm not kidding, I totally lose it.

I mean. Gone.

I am laughing so hard, that tears are rolling down my face, my makeup is everywhere. I'm sweating and my face has apparently turned the color of a ripe tomato. I'm still trying to do the breathing and Jason is going "You're doing great" and that sends me deeper over the edge. The nurse/teacher lady was like...are you ok? I was like...yeah I'm really sorry.....I just can't reel it in. I hope I didn't ruin the class for everyone else...but really 10 minutes of breathing exercises is probably not going to get me through the labor pains very easily. I'm just happy we didn't take one of those long birth classes because it would have just been more of an exercise in LeahC learning to not be a jackass and less of here's how to have a nice calm birth.

So that was that.

After we got home we went for a long quick walk on the path and met the parental folks at a bar they were hanging out at. Then we came home and ... did...well....not much.

OH YEAH! We did have an electrical fire in the bathroom off our bedroom on Saturday morning. So that was exciting. Electricians are coming today to fix it. Gotta say, not trilling to see black smoke blowing out of some outlet holes. We've had the breaker off for that bathroom and our bedroom for the whole weekend which has been pretty annoying.

On Sunday we went for a walk and went to the grocery store and then did some rearranging of the bedroom to allow the desk to come in there and out of Lucy's room eventually. Plus we are now using the space a *ton* better as we have a whole extra wall to work with. I've gotten really good at using smallish spaces in apartments and I get really excited when things work out the way I think they'll work out :).

No big plans this week except the looming of Thursday which is the day I'll no longer be in my 20s. Should be a fun day as I'm taking the day off work and going to enjoy the City. Hopefully it'll be a nice day out.

Happy Monday All.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Shower! Lockdown! Big Belly! Oh My!

Well here I sit at 30 weeks....ok almost 30 weeks which is why this post isn't titled 10 WEEKS TO GO. The flip over date for my appointments is on Fridays. So I'm *in* the 30th week. Hey...kinda like I'm in my 30th year so I won't really be turning 30 next week as that really happened last year. Yes. I know it doesn't make sense...but if you were in LeahC's head it just might.

So right...I'm sitting here checking in some code at work, and thought I'd throw out a blog post. This past weekend I had my first baby shower which was a total blast. The theme was 'I Love Lucy' which was one of my favorite shows when I was little (hell it still is...that Lucy, she's so wacky!). A good time was had by all and Little Lu got some cute clothes and jumping contraptions and clothes and I got some cute diaper bags. We got a nice black messenger bag type one so that Jason and I can share that duty. I also got an *awesome* Vera Bradley one from my Aunt in a new pattern that I love. Oh ... and more clothes.

Jason and I are going to be putting ourselves on Lockdown. We have been so overly booked and busy the past, well I'd like to say few weeks but I think it's more more like 6 weeks. With the baby coming I really want to make sure Jason and I enjoy some alone downtime together. Next week is my birthday and we are going to Wildfire (my favorite restaurant in the world) and I think that's about the only plans we have. So if you ask us to do something and we say no, it's not because we hate you, it's because we are really big losers. :) Fall is also coming and is my favorite season of all time. Just walking around the city with the air a little crisper is just about the best time I think you can have.

My belly continues to expand which now apparently gives strangers, coworkers and random office people the right to say things to the effect of, "WOW YOU'RE HUGE!!!!" To which I say, do you want me to stick this pen in your eye? No? Then shut the hell up. I'm growing a baby! I've been doing some more walking and that feels great. No more running because when I tried to run the other day (for like 3 minutes :( ), I had a pretty hard time with it. Poor Bridgette was out with me and was, are you ok? It wasn't the best. But walking is good, and so Jason is making sure we do that together most nights. I really really miss running, and not running like a 3 mile run but getting out there and cruising through 9 or 10 miles. It'll take some time to get back there and I know I have to patient...good thing I'm so good at being patient!

So right. 10ish weeks to go, which should seem like nothing and yet it seems oh so far away. Dad and Sue move out on Friday so then we can really get rolling on the baby's room which is going to be really really exciting. We totally redid our closet and threw out *tons* of stuff which is a good step and we have to do more and more of that as the closet in the baby's room became a "put stuff here for now" place. Which is always a little scary.

We are all more and more excited to meet Lucy. This weekend we are taking the Great Expectations baby class at Prentice hospital which should be a lot of good information and I'm looking forward to getting a tour of the hospital.

Checked in code worked! On the branch, but unfortunately the trunk line build is broken so can't check in there yet. One more bug to look at ... if I can even find the text field that the tester is referring to. OH yeah and today is my last day at the client site and I'm looking forward to rejoining the Studio crew tomorrow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ok I Broke a Sweat Alright

*note* I'm not that concerned about my weight gain....just frustrated at the doc a bit...this will come out in the following post.

So all good at the docs yesterday except my apparent elephantness. Even though when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is baby belly bump. No nothing anywhere else. In fact I would say my arms have gotten a bit thinner. ANYWAYS.

TheDoc apparently doesn't agree and so I took her advice and went for a 45 minute cardivascular workout yesterday. Does anyone else think it's strange that she is telling me that I should be doing that much working out every day WHILE I am also dealing with some high blood pressure issues at 28 weeks pregnant. Not that I think 45 minutes of working out is hard by any means, but I just think it's strange.

SO FINE. I'll break a fucking sweat alright. So I walked to the lake front path in about 14 minutes (quickly!) and then ran for about 10 minutes and then quickly walked back home for a total of about 50 minutes. No problems except some pretty bad round ligament pains which is just more uncomfort than something to worry about. I'm going to try and do the same tonight although might cut it down to just a 30 minute brisk walk since we are going to meet a possible pediatrician at 5pm and then Mrs. Bridgette is getting here at about 7:30. But I think we can do both.

I'm going to keep eating healthy and just see what happens at the next appointment. I also should have a plan of what our birth plan is...I think its a positive plan. I plan on having a baby. I bet that doesn't cut it. My plan right now is to go as naturally as possible. I'm going to hold out on the epidural if I can, but if I get one I won't be super dissapointed. I'm going to try and not be induced unless the doctor thinks it's the way to go and has a good reason...other than, well we need to schedule it so it fits into our schedule. So yeah, that's my plan right now. As always I'm guessing this will change as time goes along.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Going Cloth and Lucy at 28.5 Weeks

I've mentioned in the past that we are going to cloth diaper our baby. So you make that statement and then there are like 8000 different options to choose from. For example there are Fuzzibunz which have one sized diapers as well as something called the perfect sized diaper. Then there are prefolds and covers and other all in one diaper brands. It's an endless amount of information!

What are people out there using. We are starting with prefolds and covers because it seems fool proof for the most part and when she's so little she won't be moving that much. We have no idea what we'll do in the future, but maybe as she gets more mobile we'll switch to a pocket diaper or an all in one.

Any tips and or advice from anyone out there?

In other news, Lucy had her 28 week appointment today and is looking good. SEE:

I apparently have gained too much weight. I didn't look at the number when I was weighed but then Mrs. Doctor woman was like, "Ha ha ha let's talk about your weight gain this month". And I was like um ok. It's not like I'm eating that much and I've way cut out eating out and I don't eat a lot of salt in general. So I have to workout more because I'm not doing that. So I have to walk 30-45 minutes and work up a sweat. Yeah, that's almost like running 10 miles.

I'm a little frustrated at that but so happy that our little baby girl looks so beautiful and is healthy. Oh and her head size is in the 66th percentile (ouch!) and she already weighs 2lbs 15oz! And she's right on track for being at 28 weeks. So that's all good news.

Friday, September 04, 2009

She's Funny, Dad's Running and Bloomington Here We Come least for the last few days anyways. Monday and Tuesday of this week she was really really inactive. Enough so that I called the doctors office to ask them what a reasonable amount of movement at this stage would be. Turns out I'm golden and she's doing fine.

From Wednesday evening on however she's been a little motor in there. On Wednesday night Jason got out of the bathroom and I asked him to press on the left side of my stomach and then on the right side of my stomach and I asked if they felt different. He said, Holy hell the right side is way harder than the left. So he pushed a little harder and Lucy pushed back. Then he started feeling around and thinks he could feel a foot or something. Something was kind of pointy and rounded off. So that was kind of crazy. Then last night my stomach looked like an ocean of waves. I still think she's calmer than a lot of babies, but that's ok with me! I mean if it's true that behavior in utero translates to behavior after birth. But she's funny to watch and I'm getting more and more excited to see her! Actually..because my blood pressure has been on the high side we have to get some extra ultra sounds meaning that we get one this coming up Wednesday, so we'll get to see her then! I can't wait to see how she's changed in 8 weeks!

Today we are at 12 weeks to go. 12. weeks. to. go. Wow. that's crazy. I need a list. Because there is a lot to do before the big day. And really it could be a little as 8 weeks. Right. Need to make a list. I'll start it with, "Throw your shit away so there is room for the baby's stuff".

My Dad and Sue have finally gotten their apartment drama settled and found a great place just south of Belmont on Sheridan. They are about exactly one mile from our apartment. AND apparently their building has a pool on the roof deck. Look out Summer 2010.

As I have mentioned my dad is going to run the Chicago marathon in 2010. Right now he is dealing with a cramp popping up in his right calf about one mile into his run. I suggested he ice and rest it until next week. Everything else feels good so I know how frustrating that can be. He looked great running last Sunday though. He's a smooth runner and doesn't look like he's straining too bad. If you want to follow his Chicago running trials and tribulations and also I'm guessing grandchild updates in the near future please check out and subscribe to his blog at: He loves tips, advice and comments so go say hi!

This weekend we are going to Bloomington, IN for a belated anniversary trip. On Sunday night we are going to have dinner with one of our favorite people on the planet, our old advisor. I haven't seen him for...well shit, a year? When I defended I guess. Wow. Yeah, so that should be a great visit. Hopefully the rainy forecast is wrong and we can just enjoy the town and walk around and read and relax and just enjoy the only small town that we like :). Maybe we'll go bowling in the union, where Mrs. LeahCStraightBall can actually beat JasonRFortWayneCityBowlingChampion because apparently they don't wax the lanes right...or they wax them too good...or whatever. And I'm kidding I'll never come close to beating Jason at bowling..except the one time he bowled a 94, but we like to pretend that didn't happen.

So that's all from Chicago. Thinking of a new project that could combine photography and me needing to know how to develop a Rails site from scratch as this front end only stuff has gone on too long. We'll see how that turns out and more details to follow.