Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ok I Broke a Sweat Alright

*note* I'm not that concerned about my weight gain....just frustrated at the doc a bit...this will come out in the following post.

So all good at the docs yesterday except my apparent elephantness. Even though when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is baby belly bump. No nothing anywhere else. In fact I would say my arms have gotten a bit thinner. ANYWAYS.

TheDoc apparently doesn't agree and so I took her advice and went for a 45 minute cardivascular workout yesterday. Does anyone else think it's strange that she is telling me that I should be doing that much working out every day WHILE I am also dealing with some high blood pressure issues at 28 weeks pregnant. Not that I think 45 minutes of working out is hard by any means, but I just think it's strange.

SO FINE. I'll break a fucking sweat alright. So I walked to the lake front path in about 14 minutes (quickly!) and then ran for about 10 minutes and then quickly walked back home for a total of about 50 minutes. No problems except some pretty bad round ligament pains which is just more uncomfort than something to worry about. I'm going to try and do the same tonight although might cut it down to just a 30 minute brisk walk since we are going to meet a possible pediatrician at 5pm and then Mrs. Bridgette is getting here at about 7:30. But I think we can do both.

I'm going to keep eating healthy and just see what happens at the next appointment. I also should have a plan of what our birth plan is...I think its a positive plan. I plan on having a baby. I bet that doesn't cut it. My plan right now is to go as naturally as possible. I'm going to hold out on the epidural if I can, but if I get one I won't be super dissapointed. I'm going to try and not be induced unless the doctor thinks it's the way to go and has a good reason...other than, well we need to schedule it so it fits into our schedule. So yeah, that's my plan right now. As always I'm guessing this will change as time goes along.


Karen said...

I think that's a perfect plan, frankly. A lot of people are determined to have a natural birth but then freak when the pain gets too bad, or decide ahead of time they want an epidural only to have their labor progress too quickly to get one. You might as well be flexible--after all, you've never had a baby before, and while you may have one idea, Lucy might disagree. So far, you sound perfectly reasonable. Which is pretty impressive to me, as one who knows you and loves you! :)

LeahC said...


LOL. out loud. Yes I've been amazingly reasonable for my usual LeahC crazy. I get a little worked up from time to time, but in general I think everyone has been impressed with how calm in general I have been. I guess I just think that millions of women have babies, so it's not like a new magical thing.

lifestudent said...

Are you in love with your OB? Is the weight thing the only thing that you seem to disagree with? I'm just wondering if maybe you should talk with another one just in case? I know some people who have switched at the last minute even...make sure you are comfortable with her. While they know a lot, they can also generically group all pregnant women together. You know you, and you know your body. If she seems a bit off, then seek out a 2nd opinion to be safe!

Karen said...

Well, I don't know, I'd argue that having a baby is always a little bit magical. It's just not uncommon. Lots of magic happening everywhere, so lots of different situations which all turn out just fine. I basically want to tell all new parents to throw away the stinkin' parenting books that all tell you if you if you do X with your child she will be perfect. Life does not work that way, and I have yet to meet a textbook child. Aside from a few hard and fast rules (smoking crack = BAD IDEA), most of us end up fine, regardless of whether our moms had epidurals or not, or breastfed or not, or gave us organic baby food or not. Life is too complicated for there to be ONE right way. I think Lucy already has a better-than-average chance of being fabulous, considering how cool her parents are.