Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Shower! Lockdown! Big Belly! Oh My!

Well here I sit at 30 weeks....ok almost 30 weeks which is why this post isn't titled 10 WEEKS TO GO. The flip over date for my appointments is on Fridays. So I'm *in* the 30th week. Hey...kinda like I'm in my 30th year so I won't really be turning 30 next week as that really happened last year. Yes. I know it doesn't make sense...but if you were in LeahC's head it just might.

So right...I'm sitting here checking in some code at work, and thought I'd throw out a blog post. This past weekend I had my first baby shower which was a total blast. The theme was 'I Love Lucy' which was one of my favorite shows when I was little (hell it still is...that Lucy, she's so wacky!). A good time was had by all and Little Lu got some cute clothes and jumping contraptions and clothes and I got some cute diaper bags. We got a nice black messenger bag type one so that Jason and I can share that duty. I also got an *awesome* Vera Bradley one from my Aunt in a new pattern that I love. Oh ... and more clothes.

Jason and I are going to be putting ourselves on Lockdown. We have been so overly booked and busy the past, well I'd like to say few weeks but I think it's more more like 6 weeks. With the baby coming I really want to make sure Jason and I enjoy some alone downtime together. Next week is my birthday and we are going to Wildfire (my favorite restaurant in the world) and I think that's about the only plans we have. So if you ask us to do something and we say no, it's not because we hate you, it's because we are really big losers. :) Fall is also coming and is my favorite season of all time. Just walking around the city with the air a little crisper is just about the best time I think you can have.

My belly continues to expand which now apparently gives strangers, coworkers and random office people the right to say things to the effect of, "WOW YOU'RE HUGE!!!!" To which I say, do you want me to stick this pen in your eye? No? Then shut the hell up. I'm growing a baby! I've been doing some more walking and that feels great. No more running because when I tried to run the other day (for like 3 minutes :( ), I had a pretty hard time with it. Poor Bridgette was out with me and was like...um, are you ok? It wasn't the best. But walking is good, and so Jason is making sure we do that together most nights. I really really miss running, and not running like a 3 mile run but getting out there and cruising through 9 or 10 miles. It'll take some time to get back there and I know I have to patient...good thing I'm so good at being patient!

So right. 10ish weeks to go, which should seem like nothing and yet it seems oh so far away. Dad and Sue move out on Friday so then we can really get rolling on the baby's room which is going to be really really exciting. We totally redid our closet and threw out *tons* of stuff which is a good step and we have to do more and more of that as the closet in the baby's room became a "put stuff here for now" place. Which is always a little scary.

We are all more and more excited to meet Lucy. This weekend we are taking the Great Expectations baby class at Prentice hospital which should be a lot of good information and I'm looking forward to getting a tour of the hospital.

Checked in code worked! On the branch, but unfortunately the trunk line build is broken so can't check in there yet. One more bug to look at ... if I can even find the text field that the tester is referring to. OH yeah and today is my last day at the client site and I'm looking forward to rejoining the Studio crew tomorrow.


Cuckoo said...

Love the theme of your shower! You'll have to let us know how the Great Expectations class is. We still need to sign up for that but we have no weekends in September available, so hopefully we'll fit it in sometime in October (preferably before the baby gets here)! Have fun!

Sonya said...

I Love Lucy theme!!! That is so creative. Congratulations.

lifestudent said...

Great Expectations was awesome. Made it seem really real ... and made my dumb husband realize that it wasnt going to be all fun and giggles ;) He was really NICE after that class ... because he got a bit of a look at what labor was like. He didnt really understand before that, I dont think!

Best thing about the class was the hospital tour. Didnt seem that big of a deal at the time, but when I was in labor I was familiar with everything already. The layout, process, rooms. It took a lot of stress away and made us feel much more comfortable in the whole delivery process.