Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Going Cloth and Lucy at 28.5 Weeks

I've mentioned in the past that we are going to cloth diaper our baby. So you make that statement and then there are like 8000 different options to choose from. For example there are Fuzzibunz which have one sized diapers as well as something called the perfect sized diaper. Then there are prefolds and covers and other all in one diaper brands. It's an endless amount of information!

What are people out there using. We are starting with prefolds and covers because it seems fool proof for the most part and when she's so little she won't be moving that much. We have no idea what we'll do in the future, but maybe as she gets more mobile we'll switch to a pocket diaper or an all in one.

Any tips and or advice from anyone out there?

In other news, Lucy had her 28 week appointment today and is looking good. SEE:

I apparently have gained too much weight. I didn't look at the number when I was weighed but then Mrs. Doctor woman was like, "Ha ha ha let's talk about your weight gain this month". And I was like um ok. It's not like I'm eating that much and I've way cut out eating out and I don't eat a lot of salt in general. So I have to workout more because I'm not doing that. So I have to walk 30-45 minutes and work up a sweat. Yeah, that's almost like running 10 miles.

I'm a little frustrated at that but so happy that our little baby girl looks so beautiful and is healthy. Oh and her head size is in the 66th percentile (ouch!) and she already weighs 2lbs 15oz! And she's right on track for being at 28 weeks. So that's all good news.


Karen said...

Yay Lucy! And I wouldn't freak out too much about the weight gain--the impression I get is that it can fluctuate from month to month, and sometimes you gain a lot and sometimes not too much. And yes, I am going to bug you again about BELLY PICTURES! :)

LeahC said...

Yeah...I think Lucy is cuter than my belly pictures. Actually I haven't taken one in awhile. I'll try and get one this week.

Anonymous said...

Lucy looks great...unlike the floating baby on you blog (how long till the baby?) I am kind of drawn to it and scared of it!


mg said...

I agree with Karen that the weight gain can fluctuate. I gained a lot between 20 and 24 weeks, but then gained almost nothing between 30 and 34 weeks (or something like that).

I could write a whole blog post of my own about cloth diapers. Is Lucy going to daycare? That could make a big difference in what will be the best solution for you. I use pockets on my daughter (mostly sized Fuzzi Bunz, a few one-size Fuzzi Bunz and one-size Bum Genius), partly because they are the easiest but mostly because daycare will accept them. Many daycares won't take prefolds because they can be a pain, whereas there is really nothing extra for them to do with pockets - except put it in a special pail or wetbag instead of the trash. Your idea of starting out with the prefolds isn't bad, since you are right that it won't be as hard to get them on a non-mobile baby. The one-size diapers sound like a great idea, but they don't work well on a small baby. I don't think the BGs fit mine well until she was around 14 pounds. I am also not in love with the FB one-sizes, although mine are the first release which lack the hip snap. Maybe the newer ones are better, but they are pretty bulky. That's one thing no one told me - I have a really hard time finding pants for my daughter because her CD butt is so big. Carters onesies are sized fairly generous so I could get them over the diaper, but Gerber runs really short and we had to stop using them by 2 months.

Some good resources - the forums at and (washing instructions and a detergent chart, since the detergent makes a huge difference). If you're considering buying online, I love and have also had good experiences at and

lifestudent said...

Yeah, I gained all of my weight in the 2nd trimester. I think 1 lb in the first trimester and maybe 2 lbs in the 3rd trimester. Its about your total gain, and your lifestyle, and keeping moving. Dont worry about it!!!!