Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally! A Weekend With Nothing (Much)

This weekend was the first time in a loooong time that we didn't have anywhere to go (for the most part), our apartment was back in our own hands as my Dad and Stepmom moved into their place on Saturday morning and Jason and I could just *be*.

It. Was. Great.

On Saturday we took the Great Expectations class at the hospital where were learned about the birthing process, what to do after the baby and got the grand tour of the hospital. The class was pretty good. I gotta say, those women that do it naturally...doesn't look like a lot of fun. At. All. So yeah, maybe I'll be saying, "Yes, Please!" for the epidural. I'm not going in with any set plans, just an idea of what I think I'm going to want. The tour was awesome. All the rooms are private at Northwestern. And the Labor and Delivery room is awesome. I guess I didn't really know what to expect. But you labor and deliver in the same room (giant room with giant windows looking out over the city), so they have the baby station and everything so you never lose sight of the baby which is great. The post delivery rooms are smaller but still private and pretty nice. I'm so excited that the next time I'll be there I'll be delivering little Lucy.

Now. Let's talk about the the breathing exercises. So we are sitting on these birthing balls (and I would like to know if the birthing ball or the workout ball came first as they are the same thing) and we are going through some exercises on some breathing techniques that you can do when the labor starts. The partners sat behind the pregnant woman and squeezed their shoulders "simulating" a contraction...or at least how the pressure will build and build and then hold steady for awhile and then drop off....and then the woman are doing these breathing things. Now. It is a well known fact that I am a) a jackass and b) a giggler. So we go through one round of said breathing and I'm doing ok. Then the woman leading the class (who was great) said that there was no encouragement coming from the Dads and that they should say things like, "You're doing great" or "Almost done!" etc etc. Jason knows that I am not a fan of such cheerleading and that when he would that to me when we were running I would just about kill him. But he tries because he doesn't want to get in trouble with the nurse and I'm not kidding, I totally lose it.

I mean. Gone.

I am laughing so hard, that tears are rolling down my face, my makeup is everywhere. I'm sweating and my face has apparently turned the color of a ripe tomato. I'm still trying to do the breathing and Jason is going "You're doing great" and that sends me deeper over the edge. The nurse/teacher lady was like...are you ok? I was like...yeah I'm really sorry.....I just can't reel it in. I hope I didn't ruin the class for everyone else...but really 10 minutes of breathing exercises is probably not going to get me through the labor pains very easily. I'm just happy we didn't take one of those long birth classes because it would have just been more of an exercise in LeahC learning to not be a jackass and less of here's how to have a nice calm birth.

So that was that.

After we got home we went for a long quick walk on the path and met the parental folks at a bar they were hanging out at. Then we came home and ... did...well....not much.

OH YEAH! We did have an electrical fire in the bathroom off our bedroom on Saturday morning. So that was exciting. Electricians are coming today to fix it. Gotta say, not trilling to see black smoke blowing out of some outlet holes. We've had the breaker off for that bathroom and our bedroom for the whole weekend which has been pretty annoying.

On Sunday we went for a walk and went to the grocery store and then did some rearranging of the bedroom to allow the desk to come in there and out of Lucy's room eventually. Plus we are now using the space a *ton* better as we have a whole extra wall to work with. I've gotten really good at using smallish spaces in apartments and I get really excited when things work out the way I think they'll work out :).

No big plans this week except the looming of Thursday which is the day I'll no longer be in my 20s. Should be a fun day as I'm taking the day off work and going to enjoy the City. Hopefully it'll be a nice day out.

Happy Monday All.


Anonymous said...

Hey Leah and Jason just for some reason decided to look at Blogs again. Congrats on your impending parenthood! You would remember me as Bob from Wisconsin :)

LeahC said...

Thanks Bob! Nice to see you back around! Should be an exciting holiday season this year, that's for damn sure!

Scott said...

I laughed 'till I stopped! AGAIN! funny stuff.