Friday, January 15, 2010

Look at the Change!!!

I know she's changing and growing, but it's not until looking at pictures that it's so visible! 

2 Days Old

1 Month Old


That last picture was taken during her favorite time of the day, bath time. We got her a new tub because it was getting difficult to hold her in the sink and we wanted her to be able to sit in the water for a bit longer. Turns out she loves her new tub and it was the bst 17 bucks that we have spent. She just sits in there and smiles and floats around. It's so much fun!

She's still doing really good and sleeping longer and longer at night. It seems that she can go 6-8 hours so it depends on when she falls asleep but either way I'm happy about it. Today she got up at 4:30 and we decided to just stay up. This is all part of my master plan to just get up at 4amish in general. We'll see how long I make it before nap time.

She had her one month appointment on Tuesday and she's doing great. Of course she's in the high percentiles for height, weight and head size but that is to be expected given where she started. She's up to 22.5" long (90th percentile) and 12lbs (95th percentile) and head size is up in the 90th percentile as well...but looking at my family that was coming. She gave the doctor a smile and held her head up for some tummy time. So she's doing great. She had to get a second HepB shot and that was hilarous. The nurse gave her the shot and it was totally a delayed reaction, like...wait...that hurts...that hurts ME. Her face got bright read and then the screaming started. But it was only about 15 seconds of screaming and then she was back to her normal self.

This week we have taken some adventures on the CTA. We took the bus to the doctors appointment and then on Wednesday we took the Red line down to Loopy yarns and then met up with Jason for lunch. The doctors appointment adventure went 100% smoothly, but the Red line trip got a little hairy at the end.  I pushed the feeding window a little too far and she started fussing and crying towards the end of the trip back, but it wasn't too bad and all was fine once we got home.

Today I have big plans to get my hair cut and highlighted because it's a *disaster*. When Lu looks at me, she smiles and while I think it's cute and I'll do whatever I can to keep her doing it, I kind of wonder if she's looking at my hair and thinking, wow that woman looks ridiculous. :)

I know you want pictures! Ok. Here's a few.

One of my favorite shirts for her. Thanks Scotty and Brandy. Rock.

The doctor says she thinks they'll stay blue



Bridgette said...

wowsers - lookin good! :) Miss you guys

Firefly's Running said...

Soooo cute. So amazing how fast she has changed.