Monday, January 11, 2010

When to Wake (and Pictures!)

So Little Miss Lucille has two speeds. On and Off. Shockingly just like her mother. That and as soon as you put her in her car seat and or Pikkolo carrier she's out like a light. When my Dad and I used to take our summer Dad Daughter road trip vacations I would be all set with books and crafts and things to do in the car, and instantly I would be out. I would wake up and my Dad would inform me that I had missed a couple of states while I was sleeping.

So she's a good sleeper and as soon as she's out at night she's out, but right before she goes down it's LittleMissLetMeShowYouHowICanTalkReallyLoudly. She's been going down between 8 and 9 and sleeping all the way until 4ish. So yesterday I was planning on just staying awake after feeding her at 4 because I can get some stuff done in the mornings while she is sleeping. She gets a little crankier and more awake in the afternoons and so I can't do as much stuff.

So last night she woke up at 2:30 instead of 4 and so the plan was thrown off. However after finishing feeding her and putting her down it was about 3am and I was pretty awake. Not that I had a problem falling back asleep as I am the queen of sleeping, but I could have totally stayed awake. But that's a bit early and so we went back to sleep. The problem is that when I then woke up at 6 with the little one I was totally groggy and heavy headed. So I'm wondering why I'm pretty clear and awake at 3 but then stupid acting at 6.


We had a great morning this morning, she was up at 6 and I fed her and whatnot and she played on her Boppy activity mat for about an hour and a half before going down for her morning nap. I have still gotten a lot done this morning so not a big deal not getting up at 4, but going to try and make that happen. I always thought that it would be awesome if you didn't really have to sleep cause you could get so much more done, so maybe I can use the baby to train myself to cut down on my sleep. Of course the coffee and excedrin will have to increase :).

Gotta run some errands today and then tomorrow it's off to the doctors for Lucy's one month appointment.

For those of you that don't keep up with my smug mug account here are some of the latest of the Little One. 

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