Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Chicago How I Hate Your Winterness

Every year. Every single year at this time Jason and I start the, "Why do we live here? You know how nice it is in California? What if we got jobs there? Maybe we should look for some."

I HATE THIS TOWN IN LATE JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH IS JUST A FUCKING JOKE. Like oh it's March, spring is coming. Yeah right.

Yesterday I was thinking Lucy and I could go somewhere, but as it's horrible outside where would we go....we could go walk to Starbucks and sit inside. We could walk to anywhere and then sit inside because it's cold out and so you can't actually be outside. So why walk somewhere when I can sit inside my apartment where it's free.

Well, I'll tell you why. Because if you don't go walk somewhere and sit inside there you go FUCKING  CRAZY SITTING IN YOUR APARTMENT.

Oooooooooh hate.

When Jason got home I gave him the baby and put on my running clothes and went out for a quick run. The song Minority by Green Day came on and I started running really fast, and now I used to be a fast runner, but when I caught a glimpse of myself in a window reflection I looked ridiculous, like I have never run before and was just running because I was late for something. Like my arms and legs weren't really connected to my body.

So I ran a mile and walked a mile home. It felt to get out there, in the running and just leaving the apartment sense. I'm noting that I have a long way to go from 1 mile to the marathon so that's a tad daunting. And by tad I mean hugely.

When I got home Jason and I gave Lucy a bath which was *hilarious* as she was all splish splash I was taking a bath style. After that I fed her and put her down and she was out at about 8pm. Then she slept till 6. I'm so lucky having such a good sleeper and so soon too!

Today after her morning snooze that she's taking right now we are going to go downtown and visit Obtiva and then get some coffee with Jason. Then this afternoon my Dad is coming over to watch her so I can go to the gym. Which by the way will be my third time going. My big plan is to go Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Also I would like a trainer but I figure that I would like to be able to lift more than just one weight before getting that so I won't just be a piece of meat. So maybe in a month or so.

SO that should keep me busy until Jason gets home today. At the end of this week my Dad is speaking at the Strictly Sail show and we'll be there helping him with that.

With the weather being so gross I am also missing taking pictures outside. Although I can take 800 pictures of the baby on a daily basis, she's still not doing much. So I'm trying to think of photo projects to do indoors. Not really coming up with anything. Hopefully during the sailing show I can get some pictures of the show itself and then some of Navy Pier and downtown.

That is all...except for some pictures...and not just of the baby this time!


GeekGirl said...

Despite my always bitching about the heat here, everything you just said about Chicago's winters are what keeps me in South Florida. I'll take heat over cold anyday. I like wearing flip flops and tanks year around. (Well...today I have on a sweatshirt because it's in the 50's, but it's still nice.)

Good job on the running. It'll come around. I felt the same way after my embolism. It's cool to watch the body get back in shape.

lifestudent said...

Man, I know what you mean. Today it "feels like 8", and Brooke has her 10th cold of the season (you have so much to look forward to). I cant even rationalize walking the couple of blocks to Starbucks in the freezing temps with a sick toddler. I hate being trapped indoors :(

Firefly's Running said...

We want to move to NM so bad. (Mostly coming out of Josh's mouth.) Maui has never sounded so good.

No worries about the running. Take it at your own comfort level. I found that the case so far myself in my return to running. The marathon is your reach. Good luck!

Runner Susan said...

She is the the most precious thing ever!!!!