Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I ran yesterday too!

What are the odds of that?

Anyway, I just wanted to mention something troublesome that happened towards the end of my run yesterday. With about 200 yards to go in our "run around the ring," my left leg went all gimpy. The pain was shooting through my outer shin/upper ankle area and my leg would no longer fully support me and so I started limping a bit. I hobbled/walked for a few feet until I could get my legs back under me and then finished the rest of the run.

I've had something of this sort happen before where my leg started to feel weak, as if it might give out. However, it has never actually given out before. Now, today, I have these shooting pains up the outer shin area of my left leg. I'm not even sure if shooting is the exact right word as it is more like waves of throbbing pain. Sort of hard to describe other than the fact that this is actual pain and definitely not soreness. It doesn't hurt more or less if I walk on it or rest it and my leg doesn't hurt to the touch. It seems like it might be a nerve thing, but I really don't know.

Has anyone every experienced this or heard of this sort of problem? Is there anything to do besides the usual icing/resting formula? Help would definitely be appreciated!


Bob said...

Definetly sounds like a Neve issue. I really can't help other then to agree with your assessment, yada yada yada.

I read Runner Susan's blog and she recently had something that sounded very similar. Maybe an e-mail to her would offer some insight. Good luck Jason.

Jason said...

Thanks, I'll go check that out.

Jason said...

Bob -

great suggestion. I've been behind on my blog following, but going through her archives and reading the comments, I think there is a solid chance that this is a nerve problem due to my appalling lack of stretching. Thanks again for the suggestion.

I'm sure if Leah were here she would thank you too, because if I'm still injured when she gets home, she has to run alone. Boooooo running alone!

Bob said...

I have only one suggestion for keeping up with Blog Reading.


Mr. W said...

I suggest drinking as an alternative to running! They both cause pain the next day... but I haven't found a person yet to say running is as fun as drinking!