Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tomorrow I'm On An Expo Quest

So being about 6' tall I need a 10.5 size running shoe. I used to work at a Sportmart and at stores like these they don't even order the 10.5 womens shoe. After 10 it goes by whole sizes, so 11 would be the next size. Specialty running stores usually carry the 10.5 which is always good news. Race expos are great though because shoes are usually a bit cheaper than the running shoe stores. The problem then? I think that the Brooks people, for example, usually bring ONE size 10.5 to the show so tomorrow Jason and I are going to go to the Expo first thing and try and nab that one! Great thing about being a graduate student is that we can take the morning to do that and then work from home the rest of the day.

I get so stupid excited about race expos. I wonder if this giddyness goes away and the expos just become a pain. Maybe this doesn't happen though for a girl who loves shoes and all things running :-)

We had a relaxing morning today because I have a shift at the lab from 4pm-midnight. We headed over to a local coffee house in our neighborhood called Avanti and spent some time talking to the owner Margarite (I have no idea if I spelled that right, she said it's like Margarita, which of course I can maybe just the a becomes an e?) about how she got started with the coffee shop as she is the sole proprieter. It's fun talking to people that have their own business, because they are usually real excited to talk about it as I bet I would be if I ever had my own business. So, if you are ever in the Wrigleyville neighborhood and looking for a good place for a cup of coffee I highly recommend this place. It's on Southport between Waveland and Grace.

We also met a guy, Tim, who is a runner as well and also a math professor at Depaul University which was kind of cool. He will also be running the Shamrock Shuffle this weekend, so perhaps we'll run into him there.

Oh yeah running. After we got back from the coffee place we headed out for an easy 3 miles. Just did our favorite out to the lake front path and back. No running tomorrow or Saturday because of RACE DAY on Sunday, but we will be walking around the expo tomorrow so that will count a little bit.


Bob said...

Jason and Leah, good luck in the shuffle. I expect some PR's to be set.

Jason Football is not stupid, unless of course you are a Bear Fan, then it is very stupid. hehehe
Packers and Brewers Rock, Bears and Cubbies Sock. :)

LeahC said...

the packers? who are they? brewers? wha? I don't know what those words mean :-)

Thomas said...

When you're running long distances, your feet swell and can increase by more than one full shoe size. I used to get size 8 runners (that's UK size, I think that's roughly size 9 in the states), because that's my size in normal shoes. When I switched to size 9 runners a year ago, my feet were immediately thanking me for it.

LeahC said...

I am usually a size 10 in every day shoes but I realized a I needed a 10.5 running shoe after an incident with black toes :-(. I actually tried an 11 at one point because the store didn't have a 10.5 and my feet were sliding all over the place in them.