Thursday, March 16, 2006

Big Fat Flakes & Motivation

Well as we headed out for our easy (!) 3 mile run today there were huge snow flakes bearing down on us. Honestly it was almost the worst run we have had yet this winter and it's the freakin' middle of March. What happened! The run went "ok". We went really slow and stopped to stretch a few times. My ankles/outer shins where flaring up again and I am very much looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

So right. Motivation. Where is it? As I am sure I have mentioned I am working towards a PhD in physics and am working out at Fermi Lab on the research portion of my degree. Most of my meetings this week were canceled and Jason is done with his analysis after working super hard for a few weeks so I have been working from home a lot. I will actually put working in quotes ("working"). I don't know what is the matter with me. I look at other graduate students in all disiplines and they work like there is no tomorrow. They are super interested in what they are studying and can't get enough of it. I'm not saying that I don't like physics or Fermi Lab because I think that what we do at the lab is beyond amazing....I mean seriously...they can accelerate protons & anti-protons and smash them together. They can aim the freakin proton beams so that they hit at certain points. Then our detectors can find the crap that we are looking for..itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot....particles?

I just cannot get into my analysis at the moment. I don't like reading physics papers because I don't really understand them and would always rather read a novel. I have a list of things to do. I look at it. I think about it. I look at it. I think about it. I don't actually DO anything about it. Humpf. I feel like a bad person, like I should confess about my lack of motivation of late. I am hoping that this shittay feeling will pass and I can wrap my head around what needs to be done with this analysis and get on the work horse and get it done.

Alright enough moaning about work.

Tomorrow is a day off, then Saturday is 3 miles at pace and 8 miles on Sunday. I am hoping that my legs will enjoy the rest tomorrow and be geared up for the weekend runs.


Bob said...

Motivate, and Leah quit your whining. :)

Hey back to your previous post check this link out.

It gives you paces for any kind of run you can imagine based off race performance.

LeahC said...

hey bob-

thanks for the link. it looks like i am running the workouts too fast, which I kinda figured. I'll have to work on it a bit next time around. Due to an 8K i have coming up in 2 weeks I'll have to flip flop some weeks and so I think I'll have 1/4 miles again this week. we'll have to see if I can slow down a bit!