Sunday, March 19, 2006

umpf 8.5 miles

Today Jason and I went for an 8 mile run. After we got back I measured the distance using Google Earth and actually found the distance to be more like 8.5. I really need to get my Timex GPS watch battery replaced so I can do more than just run by landmarks. Or...there is the new Garmin 205 out there. Come on Garmin let's get that software Mac ready!!! (OR just use Google Earth or Favorite Run BEFORE I leave...neither of which are as cool as GPS watches!)

Alright, the run. Well my legs hurt for the first 3 miles. what's up with that distance? As soon as we get past that my legs start to calm down and I stop being pissy and get through the run. Maybe they actually just go numb and that's why I don't feel it....who knows. I iced them when we got home though using a dixie cup of ice per leg. I didn't time the run, but I'm pretty sure we were going pretty slow, probably around 9:30 miles or so which is just about right as I think you should run long run something like 45 -90 seconds per mile slower than your race this is about right for us.

My new favorite love after a run? Luna Bars! They are freakin' delicious! There is one called Orange Bliss or something and tastes just like a Dreamsicle! I promise. Jason is annoyed because these power bars "for women" are way freakin' better than normal power bars.

There was TONS of activity on the lake front path this morning. There was some kind of race happening so we had to dodge that and it looked like a running store called Sole Universe was out there somehow because there were mile markers that said stuff like :

Boston 20 - Mile 11

and so on. There must have been a 20 mile run planned for people running the boston marathon. I can't even imagine running fast enough to ever qualify for that. I would have to drop about 40 minutes from my first marathon. Even crazier though are the qualifying times for men. Jason would have to drop like an hour and 10 minutes to make it. SHEESH!!! Well maybe as my dad says, you don't have to get faster you just have to get older since the times drop per age group. I'll get right on that.

Alright Alright, I know you all want to see the dorky here you go :-)


Danny said...

Isn't there any third party software that will take the GPS data?

In any case, Garmin's almost there.

LeahC said...

yeah I don't know about 3rd party software but I did see that release from Garmin. Spring 2006 is soon though, so I just wonder when in spring they mean...