Thursday, March 02, 2006

1/4 Miles Not THE 1/4 mile

First a little background info:

When I was in high school I ran the 1/4 mile in Track and Field. That's all I did. I ran the 1/4 in the medly relay, the open quarter and then the final leg of the mile relay. I once asked my coach if I could perhaps try and run hurdles, he looked at me like I had a second head and said, "Leah, think about what you just asked me." and walked away. So I was pretty fast in high school. My senior year I went to the state compition in the open quarter mile and placed somewhere in the top 25 people in the state. Not bad. (I had one race below 60 seconds and yes I will be riding those coat tails for the rest of my life :-) )

Jason and I are now starting to incorporate speedwork into our training plan. Yesterday we ran six quarter miles which was supposed to be at a 5K pace. We decided to try and run them in 1:50 as this would be close to our 8K pace at the shamrock shuffle last year. However, my mind reels back to 1997 and I go, ready start......RUN RUN RUN YOUR ASS OFF!!! I couldn't slow down to 1:50. Not that I was very fast either but we had the following splits :1:39, 1:33, 1:38, 1:38, 1:38, 1:36. So we were consistent just a little faster than what a 5K would be for us.

Anyways, it was a good workout and running the two blocks worked out well. Man did I sleep well last night....probably because I could barely move. We have an easy 3 miles either today or tomorrow. We will pass our corner bar on the way home tonight which is serving dollar beers....and we are working at home might work better to run tomorrow.


Bob said...

Good work guys, keep it up, speed work starts for me on 3/13. I start with 6 weeks of hills.....Why do I look forward to this?? I am seriously losing it!

LeahC said...

sounds tough! I miss having hills to run on, it's such a great workout.