Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Speed Later

***editors note (by editor, I mean LeahC). At my computer here at work the pictures in this post look very dark. It was kind of the point for them to be darkish with high contrast when I took them, but here they are almost too dark to see. If you click on them you can get the bigger image and see what they are. Gotham City or Chicago at night?***

I got up right on time this morning but then remembered that the trains are stupid in the late morning leaving the city. There is a train at 8:40 and 10:40. I wasn't going to be able to make the earlier one but the later one didn't give me enough time to run before hand. Of course there is an 11:40 train, but that would just get me to work too (i know this is all very interesting!) we are taking the 10:40 train and then running our 1/4 speed workout at the Wheaton track this evening.

In other news I believe that Jason and I need to be intervened (?). Alchohol? Drugs? Of course not! But we have realized that we have a candy problem. The problem? I Looooove it! The downfall of me will be sour twizzler bits!!! or gummy bears! or lemonheads! We thought about discussing the finer points of candy on one of our people might talk about wine or scotch. I have tried to quit just doesn't want to quit me!

I will post again later with a recap of the 1/4 miles. We are really going to try and slow them down this week, especially since we are racing on Sunday.


Scott said...

Don't blame me for the candy thing. If I remember right you got candy on Sunday morning from the White Hen on Clark...ONLY!


LeahC said...

maybe not letting me have it ALL the time made me want it i think we should blame jason....i think he actually ate only laffy taffys one semester in that's awesome!

Jason said...

How do you think I kept my figure? I didn't get to be 6'3" and 125 lbs by eating steak, now did I?

a.maria said...

gotham city! totally!

uhhh, but i mean that in a good way!

Brooklyn said...

You guys look good together as a couple.

Jason, thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. But I must ask: have you tasted Popeye's biscuits? Once you go Popeye, you'll never go back.