Monday, March 06, 2006

How's the Running?

It's going good!! I haven't posted in awhile but have had a good weekend of running. On Friday the boy and I worked at home and we ran 3 easy miles in the afternoon. Not too fast, not too slow just right. Friday evening we went downtown because I had to get grownup clothes for my upcoming trip to Washington D.C. (not as fun as getting jeans and cute skirts at the Gap.)

Saturday morning we were planning on doing 3 miles at pace. We had to stop by the place to get neighborhood parking permits because my friend was coming into town in the afternoon and so didn't know for sure how far we would run. We decided to run faster than normal, but not too fast...we tried to find a comfortable stride and stick with it for the full run. I think we did a good job of this. We got home around 11 and frantically cleaned our apartment because my friend Corey and her son were coming over at around 12:30. Our cat Dagny was a big hit with little Aaron, but she didn't think he was so great she just looked at him like, "Are you freakin' kidding me with this?"We had a great time with them, walking around the city. We went to Goose Island for lunch and then headed to Ethel's Chocolate shop for coffee and desert.

On Sunday we ran 6.5 miles. The scheudule called for a 5K race but because we were so screwed up last week we decided to run 6.5 in order to be inbetween the 6 miles last week and the 7 planned for this upcoming Sunday.

Other than that we had a good city weekend walking around plenty, stopping for Garrett's Popcorn and I even found a pant suit with pants that were long enough (always a great find for a gal who's almost 6' tall). Tomorrow I leave for Washington DC and hopefully will be able to find time to get a run or two in. I think it'll be totally fun to run in DC so hopefully my busy schedule will allow it.

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Bob said...

I think a run in DC would be so cool, problem is I would constantly want to stop and look. I will someday visit our nations capitol. Have fun and it sounds like you two are kicking some tail. No news of shin pain is good news.