Friday, March 24, 2006

After Run Routine

I'm liking this whole "post-run" recovery thing we are finally doing.

Up until the last few weeks, when Leah's legs started to hurt more, we hadn't really been doing any of the proper things after our runs (icing, eating, drinking...being merry) and some ill effects had cropped up. Leah had some shin pain and I had some sort of lower leg pain. Leah's too tough to talk much about her shins, but they had started to get kinda bad. Something had to be done!

Finally, however, we have wised up (read: been forced to wise up by our legs) and have begun icing after most all of our runs and eating. Also, we've been stretching more. Basically, everything that every single runner will tell you to do but we hadn't really been doing consistently.

So, after our runs, we've been eating various energy bars (manly Powerbars for me, delicious Luna bars for Leah) and some Gatorade. I guess you are supposed to eat within the first hour of the end of your run and it should be high on simple carbs with some protein (simple carbs replace the glycogen and protein helps the muscles repair). So far, so good.

Leah's been icing regularily and I have definite plans to ice like I should. So far I've only iced a couple of times. It's not much fun and I'm a big wimp.

The end result? The legs are slowly starting to feel better. What are the odds that proper training would have a positive effect? Weird.

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