Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holy Wind Batman!

Today Jason and I went out for a 4 mile run around the neighborhood. It went alright. My shins/ankles were on fire at only around 0.8 miles. I stopped and loosened my shoes and that actually helped a little bit. I was still able to get through it and finished really strong. This could be due to my super tunes I had pumpin' my ears at the end.

But damn the wind was strong! I noticed it at my back on the way out for the run as it just about picked me up and threw me a couple of steps. Then we had it from the sides for a couple miles and since we can't just run in a straight line the middle-end of our run was directly into the wind...yowza. My head hurt after we finally turned a corner and were blocked from the wind for a couple of blocks.

Not much else to report. Thanks my buzzin' cousin Sarah I found out about the Wheaton College track and it looks to be open to the public from 6am - 11pm. This is right on my way hom from work and so Jason and I are going to try and get 1/4 miles in there tomorrow on our way home. The track looks really nice as I see it on the train so hopefully the wind will be died down a little bit and we can get a good speed workout in.

***as I am sitting at my desk right now I can hear the wind blowing around the building...yikes I really hope that dies down a bit***

I have also finally updated all the graphs and weekly summaries at the running updates page. You could also get there anytime by click on the first link on the right hand side. I have included some of the nerdy graphs below

  • February Total Distance
  • March Total Distance to Date
  • Weekly Sums to Date
  • Yearly Total to Date

So the graphs are good because well the lines all go up. :-) Our weekly total distance is moving back in the correct direction and we have logged already about 150 miles on the year. Not bad for two busy graduate students!

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ShoreTurtle said...

The wind was strong here today too! I ran indoors. I'm a wimp.