Tuesday, March 21, 2006

4 Easy Miles and Some Practice

Wind and cold could never stop your fearless runners. I am so annoyed with this weather as mentioned earlier. I am hoping for a warm up in the next week but I can't get too excited about that prospect.

At about 1.5 miles I asked Jason to give me a practice interview so I could start to formulate answers to questions I might recieve on my upcoming phone interview (Thursday morning). All of a sudden we were at the stopping place and I literally (almost) don't remember the middle miles. It was great because the time went by really fast and I was able to get a handle on what I don't have a handle on, and ideas on how to better express myself, and thought of questions to ask the company if that time should come in the interview.

We also found out this evening that our advisor wants us out of school before May 2007. In an e-mail he sent he made it sound like that could be and would be the latest possible date. You know what I say to that?


That means I have to for real find a job and something to do after this party ends and now this interview might actually mean something. I was thinking of it as a practice because I believe their hiring period is until the end of the year.....well now I might actually be able to make that. Go Go C++ skills. Go!

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Kendra said...

Best of luck with your interview!