Sunday, February 26, 2006

wE mAde iT!!!!

After a week of craziness it's all over. So let's recap the last few days. We woke up around 3 on Friday afternoon, took a couple of one hour naps and went to bed at 2am sunday morning. Woof.

That's right. Woof.

Last night the graduate student association had organized a formal winter ball that we went too. I was so tired that I wasn't looking too forward to it but once I found some nice clothes to wear (in the back corner of my closet) and got my hair all done (not in a pony tail!) I had woken up enough to get through the night. The music was all ballroom dancing music which I don't do so I didn't dance at all, but I did meet a lot of new people which was tons of fun. We had to help clean up and ended up leaving around 1:30 am and got home around 2am. I think I was asleep by 2:03 am.

And what time did you get up you ask?

4 pm!!!!!!!! That's 14 hours of sleep!!!

Whew. After we were up for about 1 1/2 hours we went out for a 6 mile run. Of course I was worried since I had been horizonal for so long but it ended up going ok. Slow but ok. We were very excited when we realized that one of the water fountains along the lake front path was still turned on. The water runs continuasly so it doesn't freeze and holy crap that water tasted good! It was super cold and I love love love Chicago water. So that hit at about 3.5 miles and revitalized the last 2.5 miles of the run.

So the end of a long week ends well. I am looking forward to getting back on track with a more consistent schedule this week. We'll continue to take the train so gotta get everything organized including eating a bit better on a day to day basis.


Kendra said...

Fourteen hours, now that's some quality sleep! Glad to hear that the formal went well. It sounds like a good time.
You guys should definitely consider a postdoc here. It's hard to pass up the opportunity to live overseas, especially when it's for a small amount of time.
Take care.

Scott said...

Leah...Hope your coming week is a little more normal. Way to stick with the running!