Friday, February 03, 2006

Um....Like....Physics is Hard

Alright, first of all awhile ago there was a hilarious episode of Will & Grace where Grace has to get a shot or something at the doctors office and the nurse who has to take the blood is really young and keeps saying, "And I was all like, This is Hard"....anyone know the episode? They had a bunch of outtakes of it because Debra Messing could barely get through the scene.

Anyways, Physics is hard.

I am trying to fit some data, and the fit doesn't want to sit on the points, it thinks it's much better to go off into space and fit NOTHINGNESS. Alright then.

Actually physics is hard, but being a graduate student is rather nice. 90% of the time, at this moment Jason would not agree with me. But in general we have A LOT of freedom everything. We can work from home, take a day off, go on vacation...whatever. This is very condusive to running as most of the time we have no problem getting our runs/races in.

Just a little thought of the day. When I get really frustrated with my work, I have to step back and realize that the money might be crap but in general not too bad of a lifestyle. I have to remind myself to get to this realization though!

No running or gym today since I was able to get in a run yesterday. I am going to take a walk down to my local Barnes and Nobles to look for some way to spend a Christmas gift card. That's about a 1.5 mile walk one way, so it's something I suppose. Tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning at the lab and then Jason and I will run in the afternoon, and then Sunday maybe start putting up more distance.....6 miles maybe.

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Scott said...

Hey Leah-
I bet someday in the future, your life in Chicago being a struggling grad student will look even better! Good that your realize NOW that it ain't so bad.