Saturday, February 11, 2006

They Can't All Be Perfect

I love Saturdays! It's a whole free day. Sunday's are a close second, but nah, I love Saturdays.

Got up this morning around 8am and was out running by 9am. Wanted to run about 4 miles, but forgot that the lakefront entrance is closed and so we lost some distance by not crossing over, and we needed to stop at the grocery store on the way home to get some breakfast food. I love going to the grocery store after a run because we end up getting much healthier food. Instead of vodka, diet coke and ice cream (as we got last night), we got bananas, all natural granola cereal and orange juice along with a few other health food crap. In other VERY exciting news, gatorade was way on sale so we have some of that now which is quite the treat after running.

Anyways...the run....we ended up going 3.64 miles in 33:41.99 which is 9:15 miles. Not too bad.

Both Jason and I had the return of the severe shin pain. I really don't know what to do about this except just run though it. I do feel that when we both get the pain we have started off too fast. Although I didn't feel that we were going fast today...hmm. We also talked about bringing back the warmup around the block run. We do this in the summers because it's so nice out that we can just sit outside and stretch after the warmup and get ready to run long. However, in the winter it's so crappy out that I usually just want to go outside and go. This might not be the smartest strategy though, so we'll try a warm up tomorrow before our longer run.

Tomorrow we'll go north to Montrose since we have not gone that way FOREVER and onto the lakefront path and then completing the loop the same way we did last Sunday. This might be adding on too much distance, so we can make adjustments at the end of the run.

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