Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Missy Could Give No More

Well she gave all she could, but today we saw that it wasn't nearly enough. Our 16 year old cat Missy had deteriorated to a point where we couldn't conceivably keep her alive any longer.

I believe that her kidney functions were down to about zero percent because the poor girl had lost a lot of weight and could barely walk around the house anymore. I noticed last night that she wasn't smelling her best either because I think that the toxins had over taken her body since she couldn't process them anymore.

Jason and I made the tough decision to put her down this afternoon. The Doc was very good and suggested we not stay in the room. So we gave her one last scratch under the chin (she loved this one little form of attention) and said goodbye.

The picture was taken right before we left for the vet. :-(


Bob said...

Jason and Leah, sorry to hear about Missy, it's always tough.

Before the current agravating pooch, I had to put my yellow lab that lived 10 years down. I was in the room as well, watching them go to sleep is such a mixed emotion but I wanted me to be the last thing the old girl saw, not some vet assistant. It was liver function as well very similar....I can relate....it's good that we can make these decisions for the pets we love.....all the best.

Danny said...


ShoreTurtle said...

Sorry to hear about Missy.

Kendra said...

Leah and Jason,
So sorry to hear about your cat. Losing a good pet is always tough. Take care.

Simba's Mom said...

So sorry for your loss! You did the right thing letting her go, but I am sure it was a very difficult decision.