Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dear Shins,

May I ask you what the hell it is you think you are doing to me. What have I done to you lately? I iced you yesterday, I massaged you yesterday, I took it easy yesterday. Why Why when I run must you scream out in pain. Why does it feel that with every step I take someone is jamming a knife into you and dragging it down my leg until I have the brief interval of a pain free moment as the pain has moved to the leg that is now on the ground. Oh wait there it is again. STAB STAB STAB. If you would please stop the incredulous pain you have been providing me, I would greatly appreciate it.



Alright Alright. So what's the deal with my shins. I was about in tears today on my run the pain was so incredibly bad. I thought I started off slow enough, but perhaps not slow enough? I really need to warm up. I just don't know. I had to stop 3 or 4 times to try and stretch the area out. The problem I am having is out the outer part of my lower legs. Jason went ahead of me because I was a, well I'm going to use the word "crab" while Jason might use the word "bitch", and his run was going alright. I know that he worries if I am out running alone so I got to a point on the path where I could turn off and go home, but he didn't look back at me so I had to keep going forward. He never looked back and so I just had to keep going. It ended up being good that he did that because I did run the entire loop that we planned although I don't like to count it because I had to stop so many times to try and stretch my legs out.

The numbers : 6.93 miles, 1:05.35, 9.46 pace (notice the 9.46 is not 9 minutes and 46 seconds....) So not too bad, again does it count if I probably had some miles at 8:00 and others at 11:00? I need to get this leg stuff under control.

Also click here for a link to graphs that I have made for the week.


Bob said...

Leah, I am sorry to hear your shins are botering you, that can be a pesky injury.

I am far from an expert but strength and stretching are two things that work well for me. Check your shoes, are they wearing down???

Get as much rest as you can! Hope they get better!!

Scott said...

I just LOVE (snort) your graphs!!! They are YOU!

As to your shins...have you tried rubbing some dirt into them?

love you...

LeahC said...

yeah my shoes are pretty new so it's not that. I do think that doing some leg workouts are important so I need to get on that. with work days being longish it's hardish to get the gym, but I just have to do it.

Bob said...

I don't know the HTML tags to make these links but here are a couple of web pages with some good information on them regarding shin splints. Just copy and paste them into your browser.

As a last resort look into orthodics. I know many people that swear by them.

LeahC said...


thanks for the information! i saw one line on there that said :

Warming up and stretching before engaging in vigorous exercise is also helpful.

This HAS to become more common as in all the time before our runs. we'll make sure to warm up and stretch today and see how they feel this week.

LeahC said...


The next most common form of shin splints involves the anterior tibialis tendon. This tendon runs on the front of the leg and inserts onto the top mid portion of the arch. The muscle for this tendon is located on the upper outside of the shin. It is more common with anterior tibial shin splints for the muscle to be involved rather than the tendon. The symptoms are usually confined to the soft tissue of the muscle. A tight calf muscle usually causes these shin splints. The injury comes when the tight calf muscle limits ankle motion. This causes the foot to hit the ground with a great deal of force. The muscle tries to slow the foot strike. This leads to overuse muscle fatigue and eventually muscle inflammation and pain.

Anonymous said...

Be careful there, prolonged shin problems can be a prelude to a stress fracture, and trust me, you don't want one of those. I'm in week 9 after my last run and still can't run. Listen to your body!

LeahC said...

Yes this is true, but I have had this particular bother with my shins since i was a runner in high school on and off over the years (it's really the upper part of my shins on the outside). I did take some time off over the summer when the pain moved around to the inner & lower part of my shins and started to look swollen. I do tend to say, "oh it's fine. I'm fine no problem" so thanks for the tip and I hope that you will be back out there soon!