Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Much Better Run

Today our run went much better. I got home and checked the weather and it was 55 degrees out! So Jason and I both ran in shorts which is always a nice thing to do in February. Unfortunaly it's going to be a high of 16 on Saturday. I hate the midwest. I wish it would just pick a freakin' temperature and stay there. Like in French Kiss where Meg Ryan's character says,"Match the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion. Happy smile. Sad Frown" Here it should be, "Match the corresponding temperature with the corresponding month. February 25. May 55." Sheesh.

But I'll take what I can get. Had a nice easy run. 3.2 miles in 30:05 = 9.4 pace, which I'm fine with. I guess you are supposed to be able to carry on a conversatioin with your running partner on these easy days. Jason and I talked about an upcoming trip I am taking to Washington D.C. to talk with representatives about how cool science is and to hopefully fund the President's recent budget which has a 14% increase for the Office of Science. I have a practice meeting tomorrow in front of the other people going on the trip and I am bit nervous about it so Jason helped me work out what to say during the run. All of a sudden the run was over which is always a nice phenomenon.


Scott said...

Glad your shins didn't hurt you this time. Do you think it is temperature related?


LeahC said...

I am wondering if it is temperature related because when it's warm out maybe I can run a bit more relaxed. However it's not like I don't get this problem every once in awhile during the summer. I think the warming up and stretching before we left helped a bit.