Friday, February 10, 2006

Sleepy Thursday

Yesterday Jason and I got home from work.....Well maybe I first should mention that we got to work at 6:30am, so we were up at 5am and Jason didn't go to bed until about 2am, and I had a night filled with nightmares and was continually waking up. Alright, so we left work around 2:30 and got home and 3:45 and both of us just fell onto the couch and fell asleep!

We woke up around 5 and actually felt way refreshed and so went for a very short/slow run.

Alright, the following complaint will make zero sense for those of you that are not from Lakeview in Chicago and run on the lakefront path.

The lakefront path, is well on the lakefront, so it's on the "other side" of lakeshore drive. So to get over there they have tunnels at certain points along the path that go under the drive and over to the neighborhood. I tend to use the tunnel that is at Waveland Ave and for like 3 months it was under construction. This is not a huge deal as we just run another 1/2 mile south and go onto the path there instead. But I love the running on the path because there is no lights and there is a gravel part of the path so slightly better for the knees. So finally finally they finsihed the construction about a month ago and all was fine until yesterday where it is COMPLETELY closed off again. WTF? I mean full construction equipment and half the road is blocked off again. Hopefully it won't be under construction too long this time.

The run numbers are 3.2 miles is 30:27 = 9:30 miles/min. A tad slower, but lights and a slower start probably account for this.

Alright, today is an off day but we might head to the gym later this afternoon.


Bob said...

Good work Leah and Jason, after runing your tail off for work I know how hard it is to get out there and do it. Way to not be whimps!!

Leah on that Garmin thing again, I ordered to 205 as I thought the heart rate thing was.....well just a bit to much. Anyway, I was looking through Runner Susans Blog yesterday, she is doing some cool stuf with her's.

Anyway keep up the good work.

LeahC said...

I wonder if Runner Susan has the older version though because I think that the 205 will be released just this month. She might be using the 201 version. I think that the difference is size, how well it gets a signal, how well it can keep a signal.

I agree that heart rate stuff is too much also. I would also go with the 205. Have fun with it!

Bob said...

She is likely using the 301. Which is the predecesor to the soon to be released 305.

I am looking at training peaks right now and they have plans that you can load right into the devices. They are based on a pace scale called PZI

Timed workouts running at different pace. I would love to hear what you think, here is a link to the plan description I am considering. It will be strange for me to work off of pace and time rather then mileage.....

LeahC said...

Hi Bob-

I do like the idea of putting stuff right into the watch, but I would be wary of trying to stick so closly to such a "digital" training plan.

I know that when I was training last year for my first marathon (this is your first right?) I tried very hard to follow whatever training plan I picked but things like injuries, or whatever got in the way and I got really worreid about my speed etc etc. and i stopped enjoying running.

About halfway through the training program, I stopped wearing my watch and just started running. We have the lake front path here, which I talk about, and so I knew how far I had to go and it was much easier for me once I stopped caring about pace and whatnot and just worried about getting to the next mile marker sign. It was a great/bizarre feeling to get to the turn around point of the run and realize how far away I was from where I started!

Now this worked for me. I didn't do any speed workouts or anything like that. But I finished the race and kept the same pace the whole way. But I don't know if that would work for everyone because some people really like having a much more structured plan.

I am wondering if the plan is maybe a little too structured? But I say try it out and if you feel like you are getting bogged down with numbers and pace and types of runs, take a break from it and just get runs in...

just my opinion though...

Bob said...

You might be right, there definetly needs to be some "joy" sprinkled into any program. I do need the structure however. It's either this plan or Hal Higdon's and I thought I might as well use the equipment I am investing it.
And remember shhhhh don't tell Amy. :)

Plus I think it will be fun to have all that data to play with.

Your points make tons of sense however. Later