Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Speedy Speedy

Whoooooo hoooo!

Man I had a great run this afternoon. I have made a new playlist on iTunes called 'RunningFast' I wasn't really thinking of running fast, just of some more upbeat tunes. I have an iPod Shuffle and so usually just randomly load the thing from my full library, or I had a subset that had somewhat more upbeat tunes, or at least not super slow ones.

I just was feeling the need for some speed and so decided to put my favorite running songs together. You know I had some Micheal Jackson (Billy Jean), Hall and Oates (leave me alone! (and you know you love 'Private Eyes')) but the third song that hit my ears on todays run was the new Eminem song "Shake That"

Alright Alright.

Not super positive towards women in general...however it has a great beat to run to. I heard the song last night on the radio and I thought it would be good to run to because I thought that the beat would be perfect for the strides I tend to love falling into....long and fast! Well I was correct that it was the perfect song and it hit me right after I was warmed up enough to try and step up the pace.

Oh Well.

I felt great and extended the run to 4.3 miles instead of the 3.7 I had planned. I really didn't want to get stuck at a light since I was feeling so good so I kept dodging them and going down different streets and so on.

So 4.3 miles in 37:00 = 8:36 min/mile (SWEET!)

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Bob said...

Nice, sounds like a really great workout. I need to get a running mix on my I-Pod I have plenty of playlists but nothing that would be considered really up-beat fire you up sort of playlist.

Keep up the good work, I am good today, but again I have a busy day and it is only 21 outside right now. I hope to get out early enough to get a run in before it begins to get dark. This noon is out of the question.

I am hoping to run every day this week and then rest Saturday, Amy and I have our quarterly gourmet club, which will likely mean some good food and good wine, so Saturday will be a good day to rest. Then run long on Sunday, not sure how far yet....hmmmmm

Anyway keep up the good work.