Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Fermi Report

I went for a run along with Leah yesterday, although my route was a mere 40 miles west of hers. Yep, being stuck at the lab, I ran around the ring: the ol' "race the protons" route.

There was one problem with my run yesterday was that was that it was really freakin' cold. I checked before I left and the current temperature in Batavia was listed as 31 degrees (feels like: 22). Turns out I should have paid more attention to the "feels like" as the wind was apparently imported directly from the Arctic.

At the start of the run, the wind was right in my face and my hands were beginning to freeze, crack, and fall off (like in the end of Terminator 2, which would be pretty cool if they weren't my hands). However, one of the benefits of running around a ring is that the wind can't always blow in your face. It's simply a basic tenant of physics which just can't be violated (although I'm pretty sure this doesn't apply by the lakefront where the wind will blow in your face regardless of direction). So I ran faster than I would usually at the start of my run, willing myself around the ring to the warm side. To my great relief, the second half of my run was quite warm and comfortable. And, as a result of my cold start, fairly quick.

All in all, a pretty good run. I had been feeling a twinge in my calf since my last run, but I can report today that it seems to have worked itself out and my legs feel good.

...getting geared up for the Indy 1/2. Woot!

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