Friday, February 10, 2006

I am the WINNER!!!

Alright for those of you who know me (and I think if you look at the people that know me AND read this blog we are down to my father) you know how I like to win things. When I was little my favorite sentance was, "Is this a winning game?" In my childhood lots of gameboards went flying across the room, there were tears, it was all very tragic. Parents learned to NEVER sorry me in Sorry because well, "THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH"

So I have grown up (a little)....but I still like to win. For example I was a bit upset after Jason and I ran our first race together (the Indy Mini in 2004) and we ran the whole thing together, BUT when we checked the finishing times he was 1 second ahead. Of course this is ridiculous because the shoe he had the chip on probably crossed first or whatever. Now, I did let him know that I "beat him" in the marathon (same deal because we ran the whole thing together). I know I know I am ridiculous (at least I realize it)!!!

Tonight Jason and I went to the YMCA to play some raquetball and then work out. I would say that instead of Jason and I being equally good, we are equally bad. However we had some great games tonight. Lots of times when we play, it'll be one shot and there are LOTS of shots hit way up high on the wall. But tonight we were able to keep the ball down more. The final scores being 16-14 (Leah wins!) and 17-15 (Leah WINS AGAIN!!!)

Alright I do get some bragging rights with raquetball because Jason and I played for like a year and I didn't win ONCE (that wasn't the best year for Jason as it always, "NOT FAIR") But we had a good time playing, lifted some weights...but not too many as we were so tired after playing. It's so funny how different a sport like raquetball is. I can run far and never be out of breath, however 10 mintues of stopping and starting on a raquetball court and I am exhausted.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be running. I am thinking maybe 4 tomorrow and 6 on Sunday. This would put us in really good shape I think for starting our training program next week.

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Bob said...

You know Leah, Jason might be on to you, not to suggest anything......oh never mind. :)