Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There's Tight and Then There's Too Tight

Now, I could be talking about the pair of jeans in the back of my dresser that I refuse to throw out, but probably couldn't wear again unless I got on the ice cube popsicle diet...

But I'm not.

I talking about the shoe that was on my left foot this morning. My poor little piggies needed the jaws of life to free them. Alright, so that's some good information for tomorrow....pull on the laces to tighten the shoes, not death grip the laces and pull them until your knuckes turn white.....too dramatic....I think so.

But the run did go well this morning, I went the same loop I went yesterday and like yesterday I went alone. Jason's presentation is tomorrow morning and then the paper is due on Friday. So soon all this craziness will be over. I better get my ass moving on my analysis so that this doesn't happen to me in the coming months.

So last night apparently (I only vaguely remember) I woke up and started screaming at the blanket on the bed. Something about it wasn't fitting the curve, so I guess I put the blanket back on but then threw it on to the floor saying oh forget it. Well that's only slightly embarrising. what the....


ShoreTurtle said...

I'm guilty of night terrors too. I've had them on and off since childhood, usually when I'm stressed or anxious about something.

One time I dreamt that there was someone standing in the bedroom doorway. I "woke up" (mostly asleep), picked up the 600 page Stephen King book and threw it across the room at the door while screaming something like, "what the hell do you think you're doing?" Needless to say, my wife nearly had a heart attack. I went right back to sleep.

LeahC said...

I am sure that was terrifying at the time but makes for a funny story now!

I can't even imagine what Jason was thinking last night as I was yelling at the blanket. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to fit this data plot I had without much luck so perhaps the blanket wasn't "fitting" the....I don't know. weird.