Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lonely Runnin'

Well Mr. FancyPhysicsBoy also known as Jason, the other wriiter on this site and my husband has been so busy these last few weeks with his physics analysis that he has had to sit at work for hours and hours and hence, not be runnin'

This leaves Leah lonely on her runs. :-(

(let's be honest....it's only been 2 runs....but still)

It's so different running alone. I know that lots of you do it all the time it's just something I am totally not used to. I love having my partner by my side when I'm out there. But sigh, not meant to be today.

Today's run was hosted by a beautiful winter afternoon. The temperature was about 36 degrees or so, but sunny and just that awesome crisp winter weather that I actually quite enjoy running in. Totally not too cold and just nice out. I went about 3.7 miles on one of my favorite city loops. I run right by wrigley field then to the lake front and then back home through city streets. It's the best loop because on the way back through the streets I can totally get around all the lights and hence never get stuck waiting for that magic green color to come my way.

There weren't too many other runners on the path, I think I only saw about 4-5, but I went around 3:30 pm when most people are still at work.

Tomorrow I'll try and get a run in before we go to the lab, if that doesn't happen I'll just run AT the lab......around the ring perhaps. Speaking of the Fermi Ring.

I have heard rumers that a couple years ago there used to be a annual "Race around the Ring" at Fermi Lab. I am on this graduate student council thing and I am thinking of trying to bring it back. There are actually quite a bit of runners at the lab and I think people would get a kick out of it. I am going to see if I can get some money to sponser it and then we could have t-shirts and stuff. or even just a $5 dollar entry fee or something cheap. It would be nice it it could be a bigger event and catch on then year to year. We'll have to see if I can get that going.

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daithai said...

Grab that Jason fella and make him run with Ya.