Thursday, January 19, 2006

Workin' workin'

No running today :-( But actually that's ok as we are trying to get back into the game without blowing out our legs this time.

We had a long day at the lab today. We have early meetings on Thursday so we got here around 8:30 and will leave probably around 7 or 7:30. The meeting this morning is usually 1.5 hours long but today it was something like 2.25 hours. There are tons of physics conferences coming up (that's right, we're big nerds!) and so lots of people are presenting analyses that hope to be shown at these conferences. Jason is working on one that will hopefully go through for the Moriod QCD (Quantum ChromoDynamics) conference, who's deadline for presenting is creeping up on him. As I won't be ready for these winter conferences I have a bit more time but I am working on an analysis for the APS (American Physical Society) conference that will be in Dallas, TX the 3rd week of April.

Tomorrow we head to the gym for more good ab work, we'll see if Leah can keep her feet off the ground this time. Then running on Saturday and Sunday. Next week we'll go for T, W, R, S &S (running) and M,F (YMCA) which will be our schedule while training for the Indianapolis half marathon.

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Susan said...

It's okay to be nerds as long as you get your runs in . . . I'm not comprehending all the Quantum Physics stuff.