Friday, January 27, 2006

Cocktails and Brownies

Well Jason had to go into work today because he has to be done with this analysis by next week. eeek. So I had the day to myself as Friday's are the days we deem, "Work at Home days". I did do some work, but I found this cool program called Comic Life on the computer and played with that for what some people might call, awhile. Anyways, it's totally awesome because you can make comic strips using your photos, and then you can give the photos comic book effects. Very cool. Or you could make cool posters of yourself running....

I went for a run by myself today. how odd was that! I can't remember the last time I went for a run alone. It was good and bad. Bad because it got a little boring like instantly, but good because I had to force myself to keep going even though my shins were screaming for me to stop. Gotta find that inner power somewhere. The weather was AWESOME. It was 50 degrees out when I left the house for my run. I wish it wasn't January and this could be real weather. sigh.

So where does that leave me.....that's right I'm baking some brownies and drinking some cocktails. If you mix the juice of a lime wedge, Captain Morgans Tattoo Rum, and Diet Coke you have a mighty tasty little drinky drink. I swear to god it tastes like a green sour patch kid! Jason disagrees with me, but I'm totally serious. Enjoy!

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