Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh Macintosh, how I love Thee

So Apple just release some fancy new fast computers.

Who loves fast computers? Leah and Jason!

So my dear dad would say, "Calm down there gadget girl," in which I would reply, "But I feel the need......the NEED FOR SPEED". As I have mentioned Jason and I are working towards a graduation date of the end of the year and for this to happen I think that we will need to work some on the weekends. When we first made the decision to hurry up and graduate I thought we would need to move to the Lab because we would have to work many hours and many days. All I'm saying is that with a new fast machine we can work A LOT from home....including weekends.

Have I convinced you yet? Not yet?

I e-mailed the creator of a graphical program we use to graph our data (name of this program is ROOT) to ask if their program would have any problems running on the new intel chip, his reply was:

ROOT has been running since last June on the Intel Macs (we have two dev platforms here). So just get one and enjoy the speed. I did :-)


Well something we are definitly thinking about. We are going to go downtown for a movie tonight...and if we so happen to stop at the mac be it:-)

Right, working out then. We went to the YMCA today and did our usual loop of machines. Next time I go, I will bring some paper so I can write down exactly what we did. I did lots of ab work, but I don't think I am doing some of those runner's world ones correctly....or maybe I am just really strong! Tomorrow we will go for a 3 mile run, and then 4 (that's right we are building on up!) on Sunday.


a.maria said...

oh girl, as a fellow mac lover, and i LOVIN those new intel commercials..

and am cursing myself for having bought my laptop less than a year ago... DAMMIT! there's always something newer and faster out there that i want...

go get you some MAC girl!

LeahC said...

yup they are super sweet....and my laptop is over 3 years old......even more reason!