Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Kind of Town....

Chicago Is.....My Kind of Town.

Jason and I just got back from a 5.3 mile run. Again it was about 48 degress when we left for our run. And again I over dressed.
I had on windpants....which by the way if it's really windy out just turn into like wind balloons :-), then a Nike tank top thing, a dry fit long sleeve t-shirt and then another regular cotten long sleeve shirt over that. It was pretty bad when the wind was with us as I got a little heated, but then of course we have to turn around and the wind goes from helping you to blowing you into the random other runner on the running path.

As I was running today, as frequently happens when I am out running, I was overcome by a feeling of love? desire? I really don't know the right word I am looking for here. But I get nostalgic for this town. Jason and I are nearing the end of our bout with graduate school and will be moving on probably by the end of the year. To where we don't know yet. Who knows maybe Apple Computers will hire me. California then? Maybe a big company in New York City will hire Jason and we can turn into New yorkers? Perfect weather? The biggest city? But what about MY city. I grew up here in Chicago and I LOVE IT. I love the people that live here, I love the lake front, I love the Cubs (if I move to NY and I start rooting for the Mets my father will disown me, but I canNOT be a yankees fan with those stupid rules), I love the Bears......I love all that is Chicago. It doesn't mean that I don't want to see what else this big world has to offer, but I know when the time comes to make a decision it's going to be hard for me to leave my beloved Windy City.

We'll just have to see.

(Ah yes, don't forget to check out the Running Progress link on the upper right as it will be updated today with our progress over the last week. )


Bob said...
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Bob said...

Windy windy windy, stop talking about wind already :). As I plan to run an obscenly long distance there in October I do not fear the cold, I do not fear the heat, however I do fear the wind. I really hope it is a good day in that Windy city of yours.

Should I consider the Shamrock? sounds kinda fun.

LeahC said...

Oh yes!!! the shamrock shuffle is a blast. I think there is about 25,000 runners which I think is hilarious as it's only an 8K. Afterwards there is music/beer which a lot of people stuck around for last year. Also it's a fast depending of course. The course starts as the Chicago marathon will start and ends as the chicago marathon will end....

You know....if it's windy for the marathon it's bad going on direction but great going the other as the wind will be at your back!!!