Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Gym but Great Run

Last night we didn't leave Fermi Lab until about 8:15pm (after losing 3 games in volleyball :-( !! ) So by the time we got near the gym it was 9:15 and Jason and i were exhausted and so decided to skip on the gym so that we won't totally wear ourselves down.

Our run this morning was nice. It was 35 degrees out which I over dressed for a bit. We just went 3 miles, but it just feels so good to be out there again!

Nothing else is new here...including my comptuer woes. I cannot freakin' get anyone to write me back. don't really know what to do now. I am trying to remotely log into my machine at work and that is painfully painfully slow because of the computers talking back and forth.

alright, frustration is turning into utter annoyance.


**but i would like to note that the computer in general is AWESOME. It's super fast and there is almost no waiting for things to load up or quit out of. As soon as this one little stupid program works I will love it 100%**

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daithai said...

Hi on the comeback road myself like your blog. Keep it comin.