Sunday, January 22, 2006

Remembering LOoOoOng Sunday runs

Today Jason and I went out for what ended up being ~4.5 miles. It was really a wonderful as the weather was pretty nice (at a balmy 32 degrees) and our underpass has finally been reopended so we were able to jump onto the lake front path immediatly.

When we got to the lakefront path which was about at the Totem Pole for those of you that know Chicago I was smacked with an image of Jason and I going out for one of our long marathon training runs last summer. I remember we would get the Totem pole for say a 16 mile run, and i would go, "Ok, Leah get settled in, only 15 miles to go". Wow. And it wasn't ever a big deal, just alright, keep putting one foot in front of another and kick this run's ass. Today we only went 4.5 miles, but we felt great. I am really looking forward getting into our mini marathon training and bumping up that long run again.

tomorrow we have volleyball and a workout at the YMCA and then the plan is TWR run, F gym, SS run. So we'll see.

oh yeah and going to bed at 3am and 4:30 AM the last two evenings has me pretty screwed up at the moment. I'm just got up from a nap (this should make falling asleep tonight NO PROBLEM) and jason and i ate lunch around 5 or so. what! What time will dinner be then?

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partyrunner said...

i love that you and jason run together and train together. i always wished my boy would run with me...