Sunday, January 22, 2006

Google Earth

So they recently (finally!) released Google Earth for the Mac. And now that I am running Tiger I can use said program. Holy Cow is that program amazing! Below is the little easy 3.something mile run that Jason and I have been doing lately, click on it to make it larger. When you draw the line on the map it will tell you the distance as well. It's just like we live in the 21st century! Very Cool! (by the way, did anyone notice the time of this post. We just got back from video gaming and movie watching at Bryn and Tina's's just like I'm a grownup and up late on a Saturday night! Good thing I can run tomorrow afternoon)


Carlo Alberto said...

About google earth, I'm collecting italian beautiful places with KMZ files:

Scott said...

How ironic! I am collecting KMZ files with italian beautiful places. Weird.