Monday, January 23, 2006

New Technology

I am starting to freak out about our new computer. As it is a new technology I am starting to worry that nothing I need will work. And by nothing, i mean one program that I need for my physics analysis. I have posted a question on a discussion forum with no response, sent an e-mail to a mailing list with questions with a promise to "look at it tomorrow". I love my new computer and I know that it will work *eventually*. But what if eventually is in a couple months? I need the machinary now! well at least by Friday since this is the next day I will work at home.


So frustrating. I know that a lot of other physics nerds are going to be very interested in the new macpro book and hence the creators of the package will have to have the program ready for more people soon.

Maybe all will be fine and I'll get word back that everything will be fine sooner rather than later, but I tend to freak out about things like this. It could not even be their problem and I am doing something stupid.....I just don't know.

Tonight we play volleyball against my least favorite team. It is very *VERY* important for this team to bitch about every call the ref makes.

The Call : Out of Bounds
Mean Team : Um, actually that wasn't out of bounds.

The Call : Lifting the ball instead of setting properly
Mean Team : What is wrong with you, that clearly wasn't a lift.

Many calls later : Serve into the net
Mean Team : IT DIDN'T HIT THE NET & Remember that Out of bounds call 10 mintues ago? yeah? Well it still wasn't out of bounds!

It's so frustrating. This doesn't help my already crappy volleyball game because I just want to beat them so bad and my play goes down the toilet. But perhaps this will be the night that we conquer the team.....we'll see.

After the game we'll head back home and stop at the YMCA to get big and strong, then home to try and get my program to work again :-( Maybe a miracle will occur

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Kendra said...

I hope you beat them!