Monday, January 16, 2006

Bears Lose!

What the......

The Chicago Bears were labeled as having the BEST defense by far in the NFL. Before yesterday that was true. They allowed 29 points yesterday at Soldiers Field. During the regular season they only allowed 61 TOTAL points at home. Man.

I do have to give kudos to little Rex Grossman who was able to guide the offense to 21 points...which is A LOT more than we have been seeing from the Bears this season.

But alas football season is over for me and dear Jason who is a huge Colts fan.....can't even talk about what happened there. So for us it's GO DENVER and GO SEATTLE!

How about running? We ran 3 times last week. That's right we are total badasses.

We ran 3 miles on Tuesday morning, ~3.75 on Thursday afternoon at Fermi Lab and then 3 again on Friday. The weather on Thursday afternoon was unbelievable for Chicago in January. I think it was 50-something degrees. Hence quite the shock for our Friday run when it was "snowing" I put snowing in quotes because it was some weird combination of snow, rain with a hammering wind accompanying it. We were going to run on Sunday but as we strapped in at our local pub for what would have been the greatest day in sports ever we didn't quite make it.

This week's plan will be to add a 4th day of running, and then next week a 5th day. This gets us into gear for the half marathon training and hopefully our shins will not be crying as much as they were back in November.

We are also trying to frequent the gym more than we did last year. We will hopefully go Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays/Saturdays. In this month's Runner's World magazine there was an article about some ab exercises that should help benefit the running, so I am going to try this routine tonight and see how it goes.

A question for you readers:

Have any of you tried the new Brooks Adrenalines? I loved the 5's but have heard not such good things about the Brooks Adrenaline 6's. Thanks!

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