Thursday, January 26, 2006


AUGH I hate meetings! Thursdays tend to be a pretty busy day for us here at the lab. We have either an 8:30am or 9:00am meeting depending on which week it is, which is fine, but today we are meeting with our advisor at around 5pm and then I have a Graduate Student Association officer meeting after that.

We decided to push the run to tomorrow because we wouldn't be able to run until pretty late, and we work at home tomorrow so that should work out fine. We will go maybe the same loop we went on Wednesday and then also hit the gym tomorrow.

Of other interest, I am trying to work out new ways to plot my running data, so using iWeb I created another blog that will live at my .mac address. This will just be updated every Sunday with plots of the week, summed distance and so on. You can check it out now (albeit not very interesting yet) by clicking on the "Running Progress" link on the upper right.


partyrunner said...

so i clicked on the sail away link and i was like, um, how does a 26-year-old sell everything and go sailing up and down the coast? i felt so, so, so UNDERWHELMED with my life. but i guess it's family, not you?

the dreaded busy thurs. but tomorrow is friday!

ps thanks so much for wonderful suggestions! thanks!

LeahC said...

ha! yes that is my dad and step mom's blog!

I am a contributer to the site in that when they are not in e-mail/computer land I can post a quick up date to where the are and how their trip has been going so far. They really did sell all their stuff got into their sail boat and left town. They have made it all the way to ft. lauderdale where they are having lots of work done on the boat.

I did tell my dad if I couldn't find a job after getting this degree I am going to come live on the boat....don't know how well that went over :-)

no problem on the suggestions! i think it's a great idea.