Saturday, January 28, 2006

Great Run

Today jason and I went for about 3.75 miles. I was concerned after yesterdays run because my shins hurt so bad. I don't know what the deal is with this problem. It almost feels like those muscles in front of my shins on the outside are getting super tight, almost like they are spasming. I really dont' know how to describe it but yesterday when I missed a traffic light and needed to stop I couldn't barely stand those muscles hurt so bad. I spent probably about a minute trying to stretch out that area of my legs and it did feel a bit better when I started up again, but never perfect.

Today though we started off super slow and ran at this pace for maybe 5 blocks and then continued at our normal pace.

no pain.

not even a little twinge of annoyance. So maybe starting off a bit slower is more key than I had thought before. I am really looking forward to our run tomorrow. We are planning on 5 miles so we'll see how that goes
(i am also really excited because we finally did laundry and my smart wool socks are clean...I know I am just the coolest person ever....but they are really comfy socks)

Jason also found out that his friend Jon Phillips will be running the Indianapolis mini marathon in May so that should be super fun. Apparently Jon has run two marathons, his first was done at about 4:20 and his second at 3:40 !!! way to go Jon taking off 40 minutes between the two races....that's incredible.

Quick word on two novels. I just finished The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova which is a really awesome page turner concerning Dracula and I highly recommend it. I am also just starting a book called Saturday by Ian McEwan which so far is well done. The book follows around the main character as he goes about his business on one Saturday in February. So far I really like it......(just a little book info for you librarian/runners out there :-) )

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